Cheers to National Tea Day: Top Octavius Teas to Try

Cheers to National Tea Day: Top Octavius Teas to Try

It’s National Tea Day, and we all want to acknowledge the powers a single cup of tea can have. Tea is the preferred beverage for get-togethers, bonding sessions, and even for self-care sessions. In this blog, we will be exploring tea in its truest sense and honouring its power on this national tea day.

We all want to have a warm cup of tea when we are tired and want to refresh our minds. Additionally, tea also brings with it a ton of health benefits for individuals if they choose the right option.

Let’s get started on this fun journey of exploring tea!

Tea for Health: Hounouring Tea on National Tea Day

In the previous section, we mentioned how tea has several benefits. It could range from improving mood to improving and enhancing our cardiovascular system. There are different types of teas on the market with different flavours.

National Chai Day was established in the United Kingdom. The aim was to celebrate Britain’s love for tea as well as to promote awareness about the history and health benefits of tea. Gradually, it was accepted by people around the world, with its own unique spin, according to each culture. It's truly a versatile beverage, isn't it? It is also a day where you can celebrate the passion of tea lovers around the world and raise awareness.

Fun Facts About Tea

Coming to the fun facts! We have explored the rich history of the beverage briefly. It’s time to now have a look at some interesting fun facts about our favourite beverage.

The Tea Bag Story

It is said that the tea bags, widely used now and are a form of instant tea, were originally intended for sample purposes. However, over time, these tea samples were turned into tea bags because of their convenience.

China’s Mistaken Invention

Well, this is an interesting one. It is said that a tea legend named Shen Nong accidentally discovered tea when a few tea leaves blew into his pot, which had boiling water. The legend was based in China and happened 5,000 years ago.

Popularity at its best

Did you know that tea is surprisingly the second most popular beverage after water? It's surprising, isn’t it? We can see the traces of its popularity in the world, with tea being the go-to beverage for all occasions and day-to-day activities.

Benefits of Tea

It’s time to explore some health benefits in detail to educate ourselves about tea and its wonders.

Mood and Cognition

One of the most important benefits of tea is the improvement of mood and cognition. Have you ever noticed how we carve a cup of tea when we feel stuck at a task or feel low? You will notice how our mood changes and allows us to get a fresh perspective when we return to the task. Well, this is chai magic, but a scientific magic. Tea blends are known to enhance your mood and cognition.


Another benefit of tea blends is the enhanced immunity. We have often heard about how important it is to have an enhanced immunity system in order to fight certain diseases. However, we hardly discuss the right way to enhance our immunity. On national tea day, explore the right tea blends to take a step towards your health and wellbeing.

Enhancing Overall Body Functioning

Having enhanced bodily functions is extremely important in order to maintain a good health. Tea blends also have the power to enhance your body functioning, like cardiovascular health helping you to achieve the right balance.

Popular Tea Blends

As discussed, there are multiple tea blends on the market. However, let us look at some premium-quality tea blends! This national tea day, explore these popular tea blends to find your favourite pick.

Indian Chai

This is a well-known fact! Indian chai is definitely a popular option. The different herbs and spices in the tea make this beverage perfect for all occasions, whether it’s get-togethers or your journaling session. It is also known as masala tea or Indian tea in some parts of the country.

Turmeric Spice Tea

Turmeric in itself has several health benefits. This is the perfect mixture of taste and health combined with certain spices. Turmeric also works as an antioxidant, helping you fight diseases and enhance your immune system.

Detox Green Tea

Green tea is popularly known for weight loss. Detox green tea is another option that you can explore. It also boosts your mood and cognition, which works like magic after a long day at work or when you want to clear your mind.


This brings us to the end of the blog, but the rich history of tea and its benefits will continue to amaze you. Talking about tea, we all love something that is premium and specially crafted. Hence, Octavius is here with their oh-so-exotic tea blends in different flavors Tea.

This National Tea Day, celebrate your passion for tea by shopping at Octavius, a go-to place for premium tea!

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