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Power Punch of Antioxidants

When you're looking for the perfect gift, give the goodness of health to your loved ones with our green tea sets! Our green tea gift sets are a blend of purity and character.
The leaves are freshly harvested and intelligently packed to deliver the unique and original taste of green tea. Our green tea gift sets are perfect for any occasion, from the grandeur of a birthday to an intimate house dinner party. It is a perfect idea for you to stand out with your Octavius Green Tea Gift Set!

Variety of Flavors and Luxuries

Our tea gift boxes have multiple options to choose from. Different gift sets have a range of different flavors. You can choose from our specially curated boxes that are suitable for corporate gifts for employees or personal gifting options.
The sets have different flavors such as tulsi green tea, black tea, cinnamon star anise green tea, lemon ginger green tea, and many more to browse through. The flavors are authentic in their form, bringing out the strong attributes of health and wellness in the tea leaves!

More Than Just A Cup Of Tea

We keep the ultimate gifting experience in mind when curating our premium tea gift. So, we give more than just high-quality tea leaves. We put them together with high-quality infusers and scented candles to make the tea-drinking experience better for whoever gets this special gift.
It is a unique gift for employees, colleagues or even your acquaintances. Therefore, our green tea gift set is a complete solution to your search for corporate gift ideas. It is even a great idea to appreciate your colleagues and teammates with this herbal tea gift set. Wait no more. Check out our range and see what fits your gifting expectations!

Organic and pure

A true health enthusiast would know the importance of pure and organic products. In a world where most things are processed to extend their shelf life, our green tea gift set has the purest tea leaves. The fresh tea leaves are blended in just the right amount to provide a rich taste without hampering the overall benefits of the tea. It is of our topmost concern to deliver the goodness our clients can reap efficiently. Our tea leaves are grown on our huge tea plantations, where they are grown using organic techniques and methods.

Health and Wellness Hamper

It is often said that "health is wealth," so why not give the wealth of health to your near and dear ones? Our tea plantations in West Bengal and the other premium tea gardens in Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri have the highest standards of quality and benefits to offer.
With our range of tea gift boxes, you do not have to worry about gifting at all! We are reshaping the idea of gifting from unhealthy processed sweets to healthy tea collections to relish. Premium tea leaves promise a plethora of health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar, managing weight, and keeping diseases at bay. So, what more can you ask for?

Personalised Care

A tea gift hamper filled loaded with antioxidants provides personalised care in multiple ways. The long list of benefits includes improved brain function, protection against chronic diseases, reducing inflammation, and the abundant medical properties that help fight infections.
High-quality green tea leaves are also mineral-rich, increasing productivity and overall wellness. The nourishing tea helps enhance metabolic rate and physical performance, making green tea gift boxes an excellent choice for helping your friends, family, and colleagues kickstart their journey to a healthier and happier life.

Experiential Gifting

Our tea hampers offer the best health benefits. Be it large gatherings like weddings or small intimate home luncheons, Octavius’ Green Tea Gift Set is the perfect fit for all. Ditch the regular presents consisting of chocolates and sweets and opt for a herbal tea gift box prioritising regular health and wellness. This green tea gift set, packed with the goodness of nutrients, walks you through a journey of rich taste and flavor that is ideal for you and your loved ones!

An expensive gift might be precious, but a meaningful gift says it all! Browse through our range of green tea gift sets that have multiple flavors for you to choose from, coupled with other various items such as tea infusers, scented candles and more. We also offer a variety of packaging options to make your gifting more beautiful than ever! With our experience and knowledge, we have been able to control and maintain quality standards so that you can have the perfect cup of tea every morning.

Discover our well-thought range of premium tea gifts and surprise your special ones!