Collection: Pyramid Tea Bags

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Pyramid tea bags is the confluence of freshness, flavour, style, and convenience – a connoisseur’s true delight.  The sealed, porous, tetrahedron-shaped bags of tea offer the easiest way of brewing leaf teas in minutes and have simplified the entire process of packaging higher grade teas into bags.It is said that tea bags were in use since the 8th century of the Tang dynasty in China. Paper, storing tea leaves were folded and sewn from all sides. Later silk was used in making tea bags so it could hold dried tea leaves. Later tea bags were made using fiber which made storing and transportation easier. Teabags have evolved over the years in terms of materials as well as flavours.

The brewing of the pyramid tea bags is magical indeed as you witness the unfurling of loose tea as they diffuse flavours and colours into your cup. Premium quality loose leaf tea is packaged in these roomy pyramid bags so that the bigger-sized leaves can swirl in your cup just as they would in a kettle or infuser. Isn’t this maintaining quality and taste at the convenience of a teabag!Octavius gives you the swiftest way to brew delectable whole leaf quality tea in minutes. An array of flavours of luxury loose tea is now available in a premium tea bag.

Benefits of Pyramid teabags

These are some reasons why larger pouches of pyramid tea bags are the best for leaf tea lovers who wish to have a premium brew at the snap of their fingers.

Flavour Variety

An assortment of flavours can be packed neatly in pyramid-shaped tea bags as they are roomier than regular tea bags. These tetrahedron-shaped bags of magic can pack ingredients like ginger, gift immunity, peach, green tea, rose, and combinations of these with ease. It renders a wonderful mouthful and delivers flavours into the brew.

Better Packaging

Pyramid tea sachets are more spacious than regular tea bags hence it allows for better packing of good tea leaves which give a quality tasting brew. The larger pores with the spaciousness of the bags promote the release of flavours and essential oils and add more character to the cup.

Brew Quality

Pyramid tea bags are tetrahedron shaped hence the tea leaves are not tightly packed. It offers more volume for the leaves to swirl around in circular motion when it is dipped in boiling water. The tea leaves move around within the tea bag just like they would in a teapot. This lets maximum flavour infuse and renders a taste as perfect as a brew prepared in a traditional way.

Time Saving

Pyramid teabags are more porous than regular tea bags hence brewing of tea is much quicker and the flavour release is easier. Less mess, no need to strain means better convenience and a more consistent brew.

Travel Friendly

Regular tea bags are prone to wear and tear which requires them to be carried in protective boxes but pyramid leaf tea bags extremely travel friendly. This is because they are durable and almost non-tearable.

Luxury Gifting

Just by mere looking one can say that pyramid tea bags look luxurious and are a wonderful gifting option. They have a lovely sheen and are silky to touch. What’s more, they also render a beautiful brew that never ceases to amaze tea drinkers. This makes it a classy yet pocket-friendly option for tea gifting.