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Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea Assortment

Delicious, delightfully aromatic, and capable of inducing bliss, herbal tea has been in wide circulation among the public for centuries. It is infused with just the right amount of antioxidants that can give you an instant boost of energy and embrace you with a natural calmness.

Organic herbal tea carries within itself the herbal-scented stories of nature in the mountains and across the plains, engaging your senses with an earthy sense of tranquillity. Even a single cup of herbal tea holds the power to completely transform your mood and offer you an endless amount of comfort.

Is herbal caffeine-free tea good for you?

With small but significant changes in lifestyle and the introduction of a cup of herbal tea into your daily schedule, you can easily bring about an active change in your mind and body. With common issues such as digestion, weight loss, weight gain, etc. being very prominent and commonly dealt with health issues in today’s era, herbal caffeine-free tea is a boon to mankind.

It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which not only enrich your body but also tremendously uplifts your mood. Additionally, the presence of essential nutrients also slows down your ageing process, preventing free radical damage and contributing greatly to the health of your skin.

Herbal tea also has anti-inflammatory properties that help you provide instant relief to pressing issues such as headaches, arthritis and gastrointestinal distress. It also soothes your anxiety and helps in relieving stress, which further enhances the functioning of your immune system by boosting it instantly.

Healthy Caffeine-free Herbal Tea for Detox

Octavius brings to you various tea gift sets for unique gifting ideas. This festive season, get your hands on caffeine free tea gift packs in various aromatic flavours.

Tulsi Kadha Powder

Our tulsi kadha powder is an ayurvedic blend of specially collected herbs and spices which give it a rich aroma and a supremely pleasurable flavor put together to engage your senses with an experience of a lifetime. The holy basil in the powder gives the kadha a soothing and earthly greenish-brown color, capable of endorsing your entire body and opening it up to the very core. The tulsi kadha should be your go-to if you wish to combat regularly pressing issues such as cold and cough.

Tulsi Rose Chamomile Green Tea

An idyllic blend of tulsi leaves with fragrant rose notes, this tea makes for a tremendously soothing and aromatic cup of heaven, especially because of its breezy floral fragrance. It is highly suited for weight management and immune care. While tulsi tea helps remove toxins from the body, its bright golden-coloured cozy notes also provide instant relaxation from stress and lift your mood.

Ginger Lemon Classic Green Tea

This tea is a smooth amalgamation of dried spicy ginger and lemon bits that come together in a savory drink balanced with warmth and freshness. This tea has the extra zing that keeps you energized throughout the day. Additionally, the discreet taste of lemons elevates the deeply rooted, musky taste of ginger, invigorating your taste buds entirely. It is effective for motion sickness and nausea, and also promotes digestive health, in addition to all the other benefits that green tea bags already contains.

Chai Masala Powder

A properly curated and healthily mixed glass of Indian chai can easily be transformed into the most exotically spicy drink you will ever consume if it is mixed with our chai masala powder. Even a single pinch of this powder can give your drink an unreal amount of uniqueness that will kick-start your day and awaken you immediately. It is free of preservatives, which makes it the go-to choice for health connoisseurs.

Moringa, Tulsi, Mint Green Tea

Enveloped entirely in the calming and earthy shades of green, the moringa, and mint green tea loose leaves are as aromatic as they are delectable. You will end up finishing the teas in a matter of minutes, still craving their smoothness and relaxing properties even after enough glasses.

Festive Wellness Caffeine Free Tea Packs

Our wellness caffeine free tea range is crafted and executed for the very purpose of being the quintessential tea gift set you can give to your loved ones this festive reason. It contains all sorts of assortments of the most appetizing, mouth-watering, and truly beneficial herbal teas that will make your bond with your loved ones more intimate and loveable.

Octavius is an Indian tea company that focuses on the true essence of the very process of tea-making while acknowledging the rich heritage of the beverage. It aims to revive the timeless art of drinking tea with its lavish collection of tea bags and loose tea leaves made of herbs and spices handpicked from the most beautiful and visually stunning parts of India. Scroll through our products today to find the most amazing gift ideas ever!

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