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Love for tea is universal across borders and oceans, and it transcends culture, connecting traditions throughout the world.


Octavius is a celebration of tradition, a heritage brand with over 125 years of excellence in the craft of tea. From our own lush plantations in West Bengal to select growers in Darjeeling, Assam, and Nilgiris, we source only the finest tea leaves. Our expert blenders and seasoned tea tasters ensure that each cup carries the essence of our legacy. We are committed to transparency and sustainability, delivering pure, single-origin Indian teas of the highest quality.


Since 1898, Octavius Teas has artfully combined British tea traditions with the dynamic flavours of India. Its journey began during the British Raj and has continued through generations. Later, new leadership ushered in expansion, from coffee plantations to a diverse tea range. Steeped in the aroma of an enduring legacy, Octavius Teas stands tall at global exhibitions, inviting tea lovers to experience the art of tea-making in elegant resorts. This legacy, merging tradition and innovation, remains a global inspiration.

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Nestled in Dooars' scenic landscapes, our Tea Plantation thrives amid lush hills near the Eastern Himalayas. Here, we cultivate the finest tea bushes, blending tradition and innovation to create exquisite teas. Amidst this natural splendour of the Dooar belt, our gardens flourish, contributing to the rich character of our tea blends—excellent with every sip.


From the renowned Darjeeling tea gardens, Octavius handpicks teas that embody the spirit of the Himalayas. Darjeeling's unique terroir imparts a distinct flavour and aroma to its teas, making them sought-after by connoisseurs worldwide. Our association with these esteemed tea growers allows us to bring you the very essence of Darjeeling in every cup.


In the serene hills of Nilgiris, our tea journey continues as we source teas from the finest growers. The Nilgiri region's gentle slopes and cool climate yield teas with a delicate and floral character. Octavius is proud to bring you the tranquility and elegance of Nilgiri teas, handpicked to offer you a tea-drinking experience like no other.


The sprawling tea estates of Assam, known for their robust and brisk teas, contribute to Octavius' diverse tea portfolio. Here, amidst the rolling plains and fertile soil, tea leaves thrive under the tropical Indian climate. The teas from Assam offer a bold and refreshing taste that captures the essence of this region's tea legacy.