Corporate gifting

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are an amazing way you can use to tell a story you want to share with your employees, customers, partners, and therefore getting it right is important. Be it a corporate event or any other occasion like weddings or festivals we strive to make it as memorable as possible through our range of premium teas. Choose from a range of corporate gifts online that covers corporate gifts for employees, wedding return gifts, corporate gift hampers, business gifts, festivals, etc. Our teas and blends make for unique gifts and can make anyone feel special.


One great way of showing your clients that they are valued is through a personalized corporate gift. Thinking about what would make the perfect gift for your clients can be confusing. But there’s just something about artfully crafted and thoughtfully curated customized and personalized corporate gifts. Our tea gifts ideas are designed beautifully and include handmade blends that are unique and flavorful. We have been personalizing gifts for several clients for corporate gifting, wedding, festivals, etc. in different ways.

Implementation of our corporate gifts


(Minimum 5 Products)

This is the easiest and fastest way of personalization. Here a good looking label is added on top of the box with the name and logo of the company along with personalized wishes as per the occasion. This option can be done without any extra cost and also involves lesser time.


(Minimum 15 Products)

This is another way of personalization where a golden electroplating sticker is pasted on the wooden box with the name of the company or logo or both. It is an elegant and royal way of personalization as the golden stickers add a touch of luxury to the gift box. This is done at an extra cost and requires a minimum quantity and a minimum number of days to be done. The cost depends on the quantity and size of the sticker.


(Minimum 15 Products)

This is another way of personalization where the name of the company or logo or both can be engraved on the wooden box. It is also an elegant, permanent and traditional way of personalization. The engraved name is there forever and remains in the memory of the person who receives the gift. This is done at an extra cost and requires a minimum quantity and a minimum number of days to be done. The cost depends on the quantity and size of the engraving.

Whether you are a company looking for corporate gift ideas for your employees, unique corporate gifts for your client’s events or a family looking for the best giveaway wedding return gifts, Octavius has got it all covered. You can easily avail our corporate gifts online. For personalization, please contact us through call or whatsapp +91 9313530035/38 or mail us on

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifts are a special way to show appreciation to employees and build a better relationship with clients and board members. Corporate gifts are perfect for big events like product launches, work anniversaries, company events, or team lunches.

At Octavius, corporate gifts are available in a variety of sizes and prices to suit any budget. We can also wrap gifts for you, add a personalised card and also personalise your gifts by adding your company logo on the gift box in different ways so you can be sure that your corporate gift will be delivered in a pleasant and fancy manner.

Types of Teas Gift Hampers

We are bringing you a large herbal tea collection to keep your employees, colleagues, and clients happy and healthy!

Tea Essentials- Truly Tulsi (2 Tulsi Green Tea Blends)

The powerful combination of green tea and Tulsi leaves can help you stay healthy by giving you a boost of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The herbal, antioxidant-rich blend helps revitalise the body and mind. This blend works best for managing weight and boosting immunity.

A touch of luxury is added to any occasion with this exquisite set of loose leaf teas and tea accessories (mini honey jar and infuser). It is appropriate for Diwali, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Corporate Gifts.

Tulsi Sweet Rose Chamomile Herbal Tea in Elephant Print Wooden Box (Caffeine Free)

A caffeine-free tea packed in a beautiful elephant print wooden box speaks of luxury. If you want your associates to remember your brand name as equivalent to luxe and premium quality services, then this tea hamper is the way to go!

This herbal blend is the perfect choice for a special occasion. You can also choose to gift wrap it in high-end gift wrapping paper, which includes an option to add a complimentary personalised card for sending good wishes and blessings.

Rose Green Tea Loose Leaf Craft Box

There is nothing better than the aroma of beautiful and fresh rose petals brewed into a healthy and herbal green tea. Octavius has packaged its antioxidant-rich tea in a craft box to make it suitable for gifting.

The daily consumption of rose green tea loose leaf will result in increased energy and mind rejuvenation, which will result in the achievement of the organization's goals!

Indian Tea Collection - Classic Darjeeling Whole Leaf Black Tea

What could be better than a dose of Darjeeling tea to kick-start the day and complete the to-do list for the day? The rejuvenating aroma and strong brew help you step out of bed and get ready to make big decisions.

Become a part of the Octavius family by gifting your work family with our exclusive Indian Tea Collection gift boxes that will bring a smile to your employees’ and clients' faces.

Mini Tea Box- Tea Infusions + Infuser

Small moments are the most special ones, and they are the occasions that are most neglected. For those precious moments, Octavius presents to you the mini tea box collection in different flavours for a wholesome experience.

The mini tea box for corporate gifts comes with a carefully made box and an infuser. It has black tea and floral tea infusions as options.


Ideal for steeping leaf or floral teas, this clear glass teapot has a top and a removable micro mesh stainless steel infuser. The lid fits the infuser with ease; pouring is not required. A cutwork box made of sesham wood is the exterior of the kettle, that offers a more premium packaging.

Numerous microspores in the infuser allow water to flow freely through them while keeping fine leaf materials inside. It is an ideal gift for lovers of loose tea. With this teapot, you can precisely steep the loose leaves to the proper flavour because you’ll know when your tea is ready to sip-on.

Premium Teaware

The premium teaware collection is great for gifting to your boss or to clients who have a taste for the finer things in life. The premium teapot is pyramid shaped with a certified gold plated infuser and lid and is put in a beautiful handcrafted Seesham wooden box. You can also get the wooden gift boxes personalised to make it more special.

Giving tea as a corporate gift has several advantages. To begin with, it's a fantastic way to express your gratitude for the coworkers you have. Tea is a kind gift that demonstrates your concern and your appreciation for their work for your company. It's a fantastic method to honour people who have contributed or to thank those who have shown loyalty.

The corporate tea collection also has the added benefit of being a marketing tool. Giving tea as a gift can establish a unique bond between your company and the recipient. Every time the recipient has a cup of tea, the present will serve as a reminder of your business. So, it is time to gift your team the sip of success.

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