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Tea in its most natural, immaculate and raw state is the White Tea. It is delicate and has a sweet and mild flavour profile to it. With minimum processing, low oxidation and frequent air drying, it falls under the high-grade category.

This prized variant of tea has the lowest caffeine levels when compared to the rest. A sip of the delicious tea is sure to give you a wonderful sensory experience transporting you to your happy place!

White Tea Processing

Young tea buds and leaves are harvested a day before they fully open up. They are then dried under the sun without any processing and voila you have white tea in all its pristine glory. The young first leaves are generally covered in white fuzz during the harvest time and hence its name.

Best enjoyed unsweetened, White tea has a floral flavour with a light gold tinge when brewed. White tea pairs wonderfully with rose petals and mild cheese.

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Generally woody to sweet, a well-brewed white tea is perfect as a mid-morning beverage with light snacks.

White Tea Varieties

India produces some of the best types of White Tea, well known for its flavour and health benefits.

Darjeeling White Tea

This white tea is grown in rainy climatic conditions of Darjeeling. The leaves are feathery with an aroma that reminds us of honey. A well-brewed Darjeeling white tea has a mildaroma and flavour, is golden in colour, and has a candy-like taste to it.

Assam White Tea

With tender light leaves, this variety that is grown in the hills of Assam Tea, and carries very light leaves. A cup of Assam white tea has a malty taste with delicate balance of sweet and herby.

Health Benefits of White Tea

White tea is a real immune booster, thanks to its rich antioxidants. As it is least processed, it preserves the goodness of tea leaves hence assists in keeping away chronic health conditions. The catechins help in reducing inflammation and regulates the body’s immune system. White tea is also good for digestion.

Fitness experts adore white tea because it helps in reducing sweet cravings and is low calorie. Hence, it’s a great addition to your fitness regimen.

Flavour Profile

Woody, Sweet, Floral, Light