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Black is beauty. Black is luxury and Black Tea in the morning is the full flavoured start your day deserves. Bold and aromatic, this is the perfect breakfast tea with a luxurious twist. Black Tea manufacturing is the result of days of almost intense labour of love – plucking, sieving, withering. There’s more to the making of tea than what meets the eye!

Black Tea Processing

Fresh organic tea leaves are sent to be spread on grates right after they are plucked. Hot air is used to wither them and the withered leaves are then oxidised and fermented. These processes give it the lovely copper red shade which gets darker till it reaches the luxe black which tea leaves are known for. All that is left is to sieve and grade them. Oxidation renders the natural flavour profile for the tea. Malty, Rich, Smoky – all the lovely notes are the result of this process. 

Black teas can be produced by orthodox or non-orthodox methods. The orthodox is the rather old-fashioned way of processing tea – the leaves remain whole or slightly broken. They are plucked, withered, rolled and oxidised. In the non-orthodox method, the tea leaves are made into fine pieces which speed up the process and they are dried at a later stage. This is what is called the CTC (Crush- Tear-Curl) method. 

Our range of orthodox and CTC Black Teas are packed with flavour and body.

Black Tea Varieties

Black Tea is harvested and processed across the globe. In Asia, the finest producers are India and Sri Lanka. The most popular types of Black Tea which are rich in flavours of Asia are:


India’s Assam Tea is famous for its bold and brisk flavour and is popular as the breakfast tea. 


The Darjeeling Black Tea is a much softer variant with an herbaceous aftertaste. 


The flavours of the Ceylon Tea depend on the climate and where they are grown. The Ceylon Black Tea is known to be strong with its quintessential hint of spices.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea contains catechins which are powerful antioxidants and complex flavonoids. They also contain more tannins than any other variety. All this together ensures it soothes stomach ailments and also gives you the energy to kickstart your day.

Flavour Profile:

Bold, Malty, Brisk, Earthy.