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Infusing herbs in a cup

A lot of people are willing to try different practises in an effort to reduce weight and improve their health. Detox teas are a prime example. Yes, herbal teas have now advanced, thanks to the wellness infusions offered by tea brands such as Octavius.
Regular consumption of detox tea can help treat a range of conditions, including weight loss, treatment of chronic pain, and a boost of immunity. One in five people in the world today drink herbal tea for its well-known health advantages, which have been recognised for centuries.
At Octavius, detox tea is brewed with natural substances (herbs) that aid in the body's purification. Detox teas are excellent for your health because of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they contain. People have been working towards clearing their bodies of toxins.

Learn about our range of detox tea, herbal tea and green tea for better health and wellness.

The idea of detoxification is crucial for the health of your body. A daily detox practise is necessary for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. By merely preparing a warm cup of tea, you can give your body a natural flush that is rich in antioxidants that aid in the body's increased production of detoxifying capabilities while enhancing immunity.

Check out our wellness detox tea collection if you want to improve your body's digestion, cure inflammation and indigestion, or get rid of excess bloating.

Green tea collection

Green tea is one of the top remedies for better energy levels. At Octavius, you’ll find a lovely floral blend of freshly dried rose petals and soothing and calming hibiscus tea for better sleep. Ideal as a cool or hot beverage, its job is to simply break the monotony of regular green tea. Sip this tea while sitting on your balcony as you soak up the warm sunrays on your face.
Explore our exclusive collection and tea boxes that contain various green tea infusions such as jasmine, chamomile, rose, hibiscus, marigold and lemon green tea. Also check out our pyramid tea bags, which combine the convenience of individually packaged teabags with the loose-leaf tea experience. Thank us later!


Next up, we have the select tisanes that are caffeine-free and can be served hot or cold. Mostly, tisanes are a blend of coriander, pomegranate, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and gooseberry herbal extracts. Nourish your body with 100% pure herbal substances. Sip it daily for a healthy heart and mind.
With many health advantages, Octavius's assorted tissanes have gracefully stood the test of time and continue to provide you with the ideal freshness year-round with flavours such as golden, maxfresh, tulsi and chamomile. Give it a go right away!

White tea

Octavius’ white tea collection contains the goodness of exquisite garden fresh whole leaf white tea, expertly curated for tea connoisseurs from the district of Darjeeling in the Himalayan foothills. It helps busy minds to counteract the harmful effects of a busy modern lifestyle. It promises five very distinct advantages: liver purification, gastrointestinal health, weight loss, improved metabolism, and immune system stimulation.
With our premium Assam white tea and premium Darjeeling tea available in handcrafted wooden tea sets, you never have to think of the perfect gift for your loved ones. More antioxidants and less caffeine are all you need in all the cups around you, isn’t it?

Black tea

Help cleanse the liver and promote bile production with our strong black tea combination, which helps improve digestion, bile production, and other digestive issues. Detox your mind and body as you sip on herbal tea in flavours such as English breakfast, Indian masala, and classic black tea.
Available in gift boxes, tea bags, and loose leaf, black tea is something you cannot resist, no matter what the weather. At Octavius, we offer a classic blend of teas from select premium tea estates in upper Assam and the Nilgiris, creating a rich, robust, and aromatic tea perfect to kick-start your mornings.

Best Gift Ideas for Health Enthusiasts

Given that it doesn't oxidise like regular tea, detox tea is a healthier alternative to regular tea or coffee. Because of its many advantages and capacity to specifically aid in weight loss, it has recently become a preferred beverage among those who are extremely health-conscious.
We, at Octavius, provide a traditional zesty infusion with low caffeine and abundant antioxidants. We have a flavorful combination of Kashmiri Kawha herbal tea and natural lemon green tea extract in our premium collection. With a wealth of health advantages, our tea collection has gracefully endured the test of time to provide you with the ideal health benefits throughout the year. These detox teas help the body get rid of toxins and are made with healing herbs to detoxify the mind, body, and spirit.
In addition to providing you with the best flavour and aroma, Octavius also provides the best for your loved ones. You guessed right, of course! We're talking about the age-old Indian tradition of gift-giving. To add to your detox collection, we provide a gift bundle.
Enjoy the finest detox teas created specifically for tea enthusiasts. Our gift collection is ideal for tea connoisseurs because it comprises teas in exquisite glass vials and is packaged in a handcrafted box. You can pick yours from our gourmet tea collection: workout buddies, tealightful infusions, spice trails, blossom bundles, tea essentials, sweet and spicy, floral wellness, antioxidant blast, traditional detox, and many more premium gift options.
Give yourself a winter detoxification with our exclusive tea collection!