National Tea Day With Octavius: A Journey Through Flavours

National Tea Day With Octavius: A Journey Through Flavours

Tea is a traditional beverage that is made in every Indian household and is made from leaves and water. It captures people's hearts everywhere. The beverage plays a crucial role in uniting people from diverse locations and cultural backgrounds in celebrations, everyday activities, and social events. Tea's history dates back thousands of years. Several nations observe national tea days due to the health benefits that a cup of tea holds and how it helps in growing relations.

21st April is observed as National Tea Day to recognize the popularity of tea by acknowledging its cultural significance and universal appeal. This national chai day, let us celebrate the taste of India by appreciating the flavors of authentic tea from Octavius. Let us walk you through and help you select the ideal tea gift set in your preferred flavor for this National Tea Day, which you can share with your loved ones.

Heritage of India Tea Collection: Fine Indian Black Teas

When it comes to tasting the original flavor of India, what can be a better pick than premium black tea? Black tea is undoubtedly flavorful and has a classic blend of taste and aroma. The Octavius Heritage Collection tea gift box holds the three distinct and classic flavors of black tea: Assam tea, cardamom tea, and masala tea, all of which are authentic and packed with hand-picked leaves. This will be a great choice if you are willing to present an all-inclusive hamper to your friends.

Collector’s Tea Box: A complete tea kit with double-walled glasses.

When it is about celebrating the flavors of Indian tea, how can we forget the taste of North Kashmiri Kahawa? With the ideal ratio of herbs to spices, this Octavius pack offers a flavorful and unique Kahawa tea. The pack contains all the herbal, antioxidant-rich tea bags, which aid in revitalizing and rejuvenating the body and mind. Enjoy this premium tea with your friends and family this National Chai Day and taste the real taste of India.

Tea Essentials: One Green Tea Of Your Choice, An Infuser & Honey

Since childhood, our grandmothers and mothers have served us with tulsi tea, and we all know the herbal properties that a cup of tulsi tea offers. Then, on this National Tea Day, let us honor the taste that all of us have experienced since childhood, enjoy this cup of handpicked tea blended with tulsi, and enhance the immunity of our loved ones. This pack comprises a tulsi green tea pack with an infuser to ease your task of making perfectly brewed tea and honey. Pro tip: remember to add a teaspoon of honey to enhance the flavor even more.

Desi Chai Hamper (Indian Masala Instant Tea & Kullad set)

When talking about tea, how can we forget kullad chai? We all must have enjoyed this chai during our college or office days with peers. This National Tea Day, gift the set of this desi masala tea to that old friend with whom you have enjoyed most of your tea breaks. Sit together and enjoy that same old taste and relive many old memories. This hamper comprises ten sachets of pre-mix, which promise to give you the taste of “ghar jaise chai,” and a set of 2 kullads.

Elixir Collection: Wellness Tea Range (Floral Magic)

The Elixir collection is a range of wellness teas carefully curated to offer calming effects. This collection features three exquisite floral loose-leaf teas, each infused with nutrient-rich Indian ingredients known for their wellness properties. The pack comprises a beautiful basket-shaped brass tea strainer and a wooden spoon. This assortment is an Indian tea masterpiece. With each tea offering its distinct flavor and health benefits, it's the perfect addition to your wellness routine.


On this National Tea Day, celebrate by treating yourself to a cup of a special holiday tea instead of your same old morning brew. Visit Octavious, where we have these and many other tea blends available. At Octavius, tea is grown by expert tea planters and hand-picked after careful nurturing to provide our customers with an exceptional taste. Choose your favorite blend that revives your memories from the past, pick that tea gift set, and celebrate this national chai day with your friends and family.

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