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Darjeeling teas, also called the champagne of teas, are renowned around the globe for their refreshing taste and quality. The district of Darjeeling situated at the foothills of the wondrous Himalayas is home to some of the iconic tea estates in India. These teas are minimally processed so the goodness of the plucked tea leaves is preserved. The leaves are either rolled by hand and dried which enables the better release of flavour and aroma and aids in the extraction of vitamins and minerals that renders it an exceptional taste. The terroir of Darjeeling contributes to the unique taste and flavour of its teas. Sourced from the revered tea gardens of Darjeeling, every care is taken so that the flavours of the tea are preserved from the garden to your cup!

The yearly lifecycle of Darjeeling tea comprises four flushes. Each flush has a distinctive character and flavour profile. The first, second, and autumnal flushes are sought after by Tea lovers. The first flush is light but with bright liquor while the second flush is full-bodied with dark liquor. The autumnal flush on the other hand has fruity notes to it with bold flavour.

Darjeeling First Flush Tea

The first pluckings generally between the months of March to May which is Spring is called the first flush. Expertly crafted from fresh and young tea leaves, the first flush is aromatic and has a wonderful combination of fruity to vegetal undertones with base notes being floral. These leaves are very tender as they are grown to post the winter season which is the dormant season hence the colour of the leaves is light and has a mild astringency to it. The first flush is preferred by tea lovers who like their tea to be light.

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea

Tea leaves harvested from May to June are referred to as the Second Flush Tea. During this season the gardens usually are attacked by certain pests which render them a muscatel flavour. This makes it full-bodied as they release compounds in the tea plant, naturally kickstarting the oxidation process within the leaves. This is the perfect variety for those who love their tea strong. It has a muscatel and fruity notes with sweet undertones to it.

Darjeeling Autumn Flush Tea

Autumnal Flush is the last annual crop of Darjeeling and is a premium tea with sweet, floral, and fruity notes which brews a full-bodied and robust cup. It is considered a rare tea as the harvest lasts for just a month. The mellowness of the tea along with the sweetness makes it one of the popular flushes.

Darjeeling White Tea

One of the most premium varieties of Darjeeling tea is the White Tea. It has innumerable health benefits given that the prime parts of the plants such as the young leaves and silver buds are handpicked with utmost care. They are steamed and dried in the sun which helps in the retention of antioxidants and also contains the least caffeine due to minimal processing. Darjeeling White Tea makes a delicate cup of tea with mild brew.

How to make a flavourful cup with Darjeeling tea?

Being a tea connoisseur's true delight, Darjeeling teas are best enjoyed without milk.

Darjeeling Tea Flavours

If you are looking to buy Darjeeling tea online then look no further, Octavius offers a wide range of premium teas sourced from the fine tea plantations in the hills of Darjeeling. The flavours range from Premium Darjeeling White Tea, Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea Loose Leaf, Darjeeling Second Flush Tea, and Darjeeling Autumnal Flush.

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Black Teas

The black tea varieties of Darjeeling are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that promote good bacteria in the gut. This ensures a good digestive system. It is also a wonderful beverage that can be enjoyed during the winter seasons which keeps the flus at bay.