Eid Vibes & Tea Times: Find the Perfect Eid Gifts

Eid Vibes & Tea Times: Find the Perfect Eid Gifts

Eid is a time of celebration! One must not miss out on this opportunity to shower their dear ones with love. Today, we have brought to you a list of Eid Special gifts and tea gift hampers. This festive season, let’s encourage our loved ones to become fitter and better.

Let’s explore the list of Eid special gifts and why you should choose them.

1. Herbal Tea

All endure a herbal tea infused with floral notes. Octavius brings you a range of herbal teas and green tea. Experience the high-quality leaves brewing in the pot. Enjoy its fresh aroma and exquisite taste.

2. Green Tea Gift Set

Octavius has a variety of green tea pyramid bags. Tulsi, ginger and rose green tea are a big hit among the masses! Break your fast a healthy note and add a dose of wellness to your routine.

3. Indian Tea

Who doesn’t love a cup of desi chai? Especially while in a family gathering, everybody craves a cup of homemade chai. Let us reminisce about childhood memories as we sip on the aromatic and healthy Indian tea.

4. Immunity Booster Tea

While fasting for Eid, you surely need immunity booster tea. The fresh spices will uplift your spirits and energy levels. Rejuvenate your friends and family with an aromatic cup of immunity booster tea.

5. Kadha

Kadha is a traditional drink that is made of many Indian spices and herbs. The drink keeps you healthy and fit. Kadha tea and premix can be consumed to keep bacteria and flu at bay. Keep away from fever, cold and cough as you sip on this healthy remedy.

6. Chai Masala

A blend of herbs and spices make for a great flavour and taste. Make your chai even more flavourful as you add a pinch of masala into your brew.

How to celebrate Eid with tea?

Fasting can be made super fun and interesting with a cup of tea. Octavius brings you Eid gift sets that you can gift to your loved ones. Tea is a symbol of hospitality and care. Gifting it to your special ones will add the missing zest into your life.

The delicious snacks and lip-smacking food items can be enhanced with aromatic tea. During Itfar, the fast-breaking evening meal will be able to promote a sense of togetherness with a cup of tea.

Octavius is presenting you a range of thoughtful Ramadan and Eid gifts. From the robust black tea to the healthy green tea, we have got it all! It also adds a luxe feeling to the festivities.

Moreover, it will be a delightful experience of all tea connoisseurs. Discover our selection of assorted and fine teas. We bring together multiple flavours and blends of tea. It will add a touch of peace and tranquility to the auspicious time.

Tea Pairings and Gifting for Eid

Tea makes for a thoughtful and generous gift. The healthy benefits of tea will add to the charm of festive gifting. Tea gift sets are appropriate as eid special gift sets. It will enhance the bond with family members and colleagues. This is your chance to create valuable memories with your special ones.

You can also try out exciting tea pairings for Eid. Let us discuss some of them.

1) Baklava and chamomile tea

The sweet flavours of baklava when mixed with the soothing notes of chamomile tea is nothing short of magic.

2) Sponge cake and rose green tea

Roses and Eid have a special connection and we cannot miss out on this combo! The mix of a high-calorie cake and healthy tea is a winner for festivities.

3) Fritters with black tea

The classic combo of chai and pakoda is a favourite of many! As you gather with your loved ones during the evening, enjoy this special combo.


Festivities are here! Octavius welcomes a wide range of Eid special gifts for all. You can explore the website for the popular brews. Be it green tea, black tea, immunity booster tea, kadha and herbal tea, you can shop for your favourite.

Whether you decide to pair it for your evening meals with family or gift it to loved ones, you will not regret this decision. Enrich your palate with healthy sipping and flavourful brews. Additionally, you can shop for our exclusive tea gift hampers from our official website.

Let’s enrich festivities with Octavius!

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