Hark! Hotel Owners

As a hotelier, you might wonder what is the difference between any run-of-the-mill tea and high-quality teas. After all, all varieties of tea powder or teabags look just the same. Well, it so happens that there is a world of difference! Each type of tea has a unique flavour profile and taste. The teas from Octavius are high quality, handpicked and processed so the tea yields the best aroma and taste which thereby results in strong and authentic brews. It does not take a tea connoisseur to tell it is a sophisticated fine tea, your guests will instantly realize that they’ve been served with the best!

Our beloved teas from the classic tea collection and other innovative novel brews are a tea purist’s dream come true. From the prized variety – Indian Masala Chai to numerous other flavor combinations, our teas offer the customer a unique experience of expanding their palate as well as enjoying a wide range of teas. Our master blenders and tea tasters will ensure that your customers’ taste buds are taken on a ride every time they sip one of our brews.

Octavius is a mélange of century-old rich legacy and modern custom-crafted brews. Our expert tea growers, tea blenders and tasters work in harmony to produce a diverse inventory of premium teas that have nuanced flavour profiles and aromas. Our founding fathers were intentional in establishing Octavius with the noble mission of epitomizing the art of drinking gourmet teas and making fine luxury teas available across India and around the globe. Our teas will excite a person who is new to the world of tea and a tea enthusiast alike! We understand tea much better than we understand ourselves which is why we insist they deserve a spot in your shelves.

With a vast experience and rich legacy, crafting delicious teas and exploring new flavors is the core of what we do. We are fortunate to work with the best tea experts who provide wonderful insights into the world of tea. We also strive to make sure that our fresh and flavorful teas come directly from our gardens to your teacup.

For large hotels, we suggest our classic collection which will appeal to the masses. There is nothing more comforting for guests to come back to their room and quietly make their favorite flavor of tea and sip in peace without actually brewing them. Basic flavors of teabags such as Earl Grey or English Breakfast can do the trick. Indian Masala Chai is another crowd-pleaser. You could also keep green tea variants to suit the varied palates of your guests.

High end hotels and restaurants stock specialty and gourmet teas to complement their menu as well as suit the needs of their guests. Each flavor of tea is unique and has a story of its own, as a luxury establishment, you could move beyond classic teas such as Early Grey or Assam to hand-crafted artisanal blends such as floral tisanes, green teas, wellness teas and more. We have a wide product offering that can expand your horizons and help you delight your customers with delectable flavours of teas, mocktails and summer coolers.