Be an immunized Santa this Christmas

Be an immunized Santa this Christmas

Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh; O’er the fields he goes all geared up with his immuni-tea dose. Well, that’s Santa for you, all hale and healthy to weather the storm and make sure you receive your gift on time! Speaking of gifts, do you know what’s the best gift you can gift yourself or your loved ones this Christmas? Its immunity boosting teas of course!

Winters are settling down on slowly but steadily. As the temperatures drop down, do you know what else goes for goes low? Your immunity and energy levels. According to Chinese medicine, Winter time is when the earth becomes like a seed, all of its potential gets frozen to its core; the same happens to the human body. Cold constricts it and lowers energy, willpower and general wellbeing. Winters call for earthy, rich, bold and heavily oxidized teas. They restore warmth inside the body and help us to relax as well as focus.

Here are some immunity booster teas that you can have all around this winter to keep yourselves and your loved ones healthy:

Ginger Tea

The Ginger tea is winter time tea at its quintessential finest: strong, rich, spicy warming and truly comforting. The brew maintains a mellow smoothness with mellifluous thickness. We find it to be warm like the noonday sun, healthy because of its anti-oxidants and immune boosting, thanks to Gingerol, an active component in it. This is a tea, much like the rhizome itself, something that helps one discover their self that lie hidden underneath the surface. Discover yourself as you quietly contemplate with your ginger tea in hand.

Chocolate Chai

Do you know what gets loaded in the freezer around the time of Christmas? Bars of chocolate that can sometimes be too much for us (or not, who are we kidding!). If there’s something called as a seasonal drink then Chocolate tea it is. This chai is made with cinnamon, cardamom, black tea, dark chocolate drops with grated ginger. And some more chocolate if you are tempted beyond measure. Chocolate Tea is for the self-indulgent tea enthusiasts who to give in to temptations once in a while, just because YOLO.

Masala Tea

As foreign as this holiday might seem, there are ways you can make this season truly Indian. Christmas and Masala Chai are a match made in heaven (er, Indian heaven). Nothing beats a black tea brewed with exotic Indian spices, the ever-favorite ginger and sweetened with milk and sugar. Masala chai - A must-have tea for the truly desi at heart who might or might not believe in Santa!

With a wealth of anti-oxidants, the South African shrub – Rooibos makes a wonderful caffeine free tea. When brewed with vanilla pods, cinnamon and cloves, it creates the magical Christmas Rooibos drink that is both a delight and a health booster. A hot mug of Rooibos tea, sweetened with vanilla and honey is all you need on a quiet Christmas day.

Go for deeply oxidized, heavily roasted, bold and rich flavors of tea this winter. Make sure you add in a healthy dose of spices and roots like ginger and turmeric to conquer the cold weather and truly enjoy the time with your family sickness-free.

This season go green not just with the choice of gifts but also with the packaging and say no to paper. Taking inspiration from Furoshiki- a Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in eco-friendly cloth to reduce wastage and promote sustainable gifting, we are offering you a range of wellness tea gifts with exquisite sustainable and reusable packaging along with the option to wrap it beautifully in reusable cloth.

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