Men’s day Wellness Tea Gifting

Men’s day Wellness Tea Gifting

Teas – some like it hot, some like it cold while some like it super strong. With Men’s Day round the corner, we have put together a list of strong and tasty blends that is widely preferred by the men around the globe. Teas make wonderful gifts not just for the seasoned tea drinkers but also for those who like to prioritise their health. Take a look at our delicious array of teas and add them to your gifting list to surprise the men in your lives on this Men’s Day!

Teas to increase aqi

Did you know that teas have the capability to warm you from the inside out? It is called increasing your qi or inner fire. In Chinese Medicine, Qi is the energy which is affected by heating (yang) and cooling (yin) properties of food or beverages. When tea leaves are oxidised, it affects the heating property of tea. More oxidised leaves imply tea that warms your body more. Dark Oolong Teas & Black Teas are well known for being well roasted and oxidised. Add these teas to your cart if the men in your family love a strong warming tea. It might be the best gift o receive this winter!

Green Tea for Health Enthusiasts

Like chestnuts pan roasted or seaweed steamed – the flavour of green tea is light, refreshing and invigorating. Health enthusiasts love their green tea like toddlers love sweets. Green Teas are a great choice for gifting the health lovers in your family. Some of the green teas preferred by men are the hearty thyme tea, soothing chamomile, fresh mint, earthy nettle tea, magical matcha. These teas make a wonderful pre work out beverage, packed with all the essential nutrients for the fitness folks.

Some like it Strong

How strong is strong is a debate that all tea lovers love to participate in! Without delving into it, its safe to say that some black teas pack a punch. Its no wonder that black teas account for 75% of tea consumption worldwide! The super strong blends that you can gift the strong menfolk you adore are Assam, Darjeeling, Second Flush and of course the crowd pleaser Earl Grey. Its super strong flavours and undeniable taste makes it the perfect gifting option.

Herbal Teas for Heroes

Herbal Teas are great for getting one energized. What’s a better tea gift than Herbal teas for the heroes in your life who tirelessly toil round the clock! These teas contain healthy herbs such as ginger, turmeric, spearmint, holy basil etc. which is known to increase one’s internal energy. Apart from that, its packed with antioxidants that can rid the body of harmful toxins. Gifting herbal teas is like handing out golden tickets to a healthy lifestyle – it’s that good!

Hangover Healers

With the year ending and holidays beginning, it might be a good idea to have some teas to cure the good old hangovers (just to keep it covered!) Ginger Tea is an anti-sickness beverage and cures hangover in a jiffy, thanks to its active ingredient called gingerol. Following closely are chamomile tea, peppermint tea and turmeric tea. These teas are also super healthy and the gentlemen who get this gifted will surely thank you.

So go ahead and celebrate the men in your lives by gifting them these incredible teas on this men’s day! It’s a sure-fire way to bring a big smile on their face.

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