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Tea Gifts for Christmas, New Year and Wedding Season

Hark the herald angels sing; year-end calls for gifts and fun things! Its officially the time to shop till you drop, be it in the name of a sale, festive occasions or just the fact that you are about to enter a brand-new year! Do you know what is the most appropriate thing to gift your loved ones this season? A winter time tea hamper. Simply because it’s a few degrees lower than the usual temperature and who wouldn’t like to cozy up with some winter spice tea?

Tea Gifts

A comforting hamper for the chilly weather would be all things tea – fragrant tea blends, delectable collection of pyramidal tea bags, an exquisite tea infuser and handcrafted teacups or a kettle. The best tea gifts for this merry season.

Christmas Teas

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas calls for some delicious, winter time tea that you can spoil yourselves with. Flavors like saffron, cinnamon, rooibos, anise, and cardamom if blended together as a warm brew can make this season more Christmassy than ever. So satisfyingly sweet yet warm enough to get you through this winter!

Wedding Gifts

What do newly married folks need? Something rejuvenating yet sophisticated. What spells sophistication better than tea? Exotic teas are old charm as well as thoughtful. Delectable tea blends or exquisite set of tea cups make a wonderful gifting selection for the wedding season.

New Year Gifts

Unique tea blends such as lemon balm, licorice, orange peel, sage, rose hips, cinnamon, rosemary make best new year gifts to kickstart the year. They remind you to try new things, they might turn out to be your favorite after all.

What tea flavors would you be picking this season? Whatever it might be, you can never go wrong with a tea gift!


Taking inspiration from Furoshiki- a Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in eco-friendly cloth to reduce wastage and promote sustainable gifting, Octavius is offering you a range of wellness tea gifts with the option of sustainable and reusable packaging, wrapped with Warmth & Love!