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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Tea Gift Hampers for Festive Sales

India is home to many diverse religions and traditional beliefs. We look forward to our friends and relatives every year for bringing merry and cherishing moments during the times of festivals. There is nothing more special than gifting tea at this time of the year.

Offering someone a cup of tea means a simple gesture but it means a lot for the person to whom we are offering. Tea gifting has become a culture and Octavius is taking it forward quite well. It has brought a range of Tea gift hampers for festive sales including Desi Chai Hamper, Gourmet Tea collection, Ayur chai, assortment of Fine teas etc. to lighten up your festive season. You can buy your favorite tea gift from the official Octavius website.

Understanding Festive Tea Gift Hampers

For centuries, tea has helped people to come close to each other. That is why, it is believed that premium tea is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is much more than a soothing and unique drink, tea is considered as love in a cup. A cozy pot of healthy tea reminds us to take a break from the hustle of life and enjoy life to the fullest, especially at the time of holidays.

What could be more interesting than gifting a tea lover the finest blend of tea this festive season. These blends will cling on to their hearts and they will feel happy during the festive time. Make sure to determine the taste preferences of the gift recipients to give them a wonderful experience while gifting teas.

Types of Festive Tea Gift Hampers

If you are a little confused about what type of fresh tea gift hamper to choose from, then take an easy route. Grab a tea gift hamper from Octavius filled with the goodness of teas and other hampers to make your day bright. Let us discuss the various best quality of tea gift hampers which Octavius has to serve this festive season.

Tea Gift Sets

Grand Indulgence Tea Hamper

This premium tea hamper consists of rose glow, organic lavender bubble candle, double walled cup,wooden toasters and a tea infuser. This collection will give you the goodness of wellness and fine tea experience.

Tea Essentials- Traditional Detox

This herbal tea gift is a perfect combination of kashmiri kahwa green tea with some honey. This will serve as a traditional detox for your body, hence the name. If you are looking for something healthy, this healthy tea gift is the perfect choice.

Herbal Tea Gift Sets

Ambrosial Tea Hamper

This collection consists of turmeric spiced, chamomile soothe, mint digest, organic bubble candle and a tea infuser. This herbal tea gift set is perfect to meet your wellness and detox goals this festive season.

Assortment of fine teas

English breakfast black tea, Indian masala chai, Darjeeling black tea, Pure green tea, lemon green tea, cinnamon anise green tea constitutes this loose tea gift set. This octavius tea collection gives you enough antioxidants to help you in your wellness goals as well.

Caffeine-Free Tea Gift Sets

Collectors Tea box- Double wall glass set

These double walled glass are perfect to make the tea insulated, preventing them from causing discomfort due to the hot temperature in them. They fit in your hand comfortably and look stylish in their design as well. You can drink almost all types of beverages while preserving the best tea drinking experience as well.

Ball Shaped Infuser with long push handle

The long handle in it is convenient for stirring loose teas and provides enough space to expand and bring out the flavor of the teas. It is also a perfect gift to bring happiness to your near and dear ones.

Indian Tea Gift Sets

Desi Chai Hamper

This chai collection consists of Indian masala chai premix and chai kullad made of terracotta. The masala chai consists of wide range of spices such as Cardamom, ginger, cloves,black pepper and cinnamon. The kullad is a natural tea cup made of clay which is Desi in style.

Heritage of India Tea collection

This ensemble consists of cinnamon cardamom black tea, classic Assam black tea, Indian masala tea and an infuser. It is the perfect gift for tea lovers as it has all the goodness of loose leaf teas.


Gifting a suitable tea gift hamper during the festive season has now become a common trend in India. Everyone wants to enjoy the social gatherings which happen during festivals in India and tea serves as a catalyst in bringing people together during this time of the year. If you also want to surprise your near and dear ones with something soothing and refreshing, Octavius has brought a new range of diwali tea gift sets and Navratri tea gift sets which will create an atmosphere of positivity and enjoyment for everyone.

Octavius wishes you a happy Navratri and Diwali ahead.

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