Collection: Coffee

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Our assortment of roasted coffee beans and blends is sourced from exquisite coffee plantations from the South of India. These Pure Indian Coffee beans have been hand-selected considering their flavour, origin as well as quality and home-roasted by expert roastmasters to extra dark. Close to perfection if one might say. This makes our coffee full flavoured as well as well-rounded.

Our Coffee beans deliver freshness and quality and we at Octavius offer an endless variety of coffees such as Royal Instant Pure Coffee, Premium Instant Coffee, Green Coffee Beans, Premium Filtered South Tea Bags, Roasted Coffee Beans, Instant Coffee premixes and so much more. If you are looking for the best instant coffee powder or range of premium coffees then look no further, Octavius offers a curated collection of the best pure coffee in India. With this wide variety of coffee, we cater to the taste palate of all coffee lovers.

Coffee Processing

Processing of coffee involves separating the flesh from the skin of a coffee cherry. Coffee processing is so crucial for how the actual cup of coffee might taste. That’s why roastmasters and baristas describe the coffee in terms of how it is processed as well.A coffee farmer separates the cherry from the bean with utmost care. A perfectly ripe coffee cherry does not vouch for a good coffee cup hence it is very important to process the coffee bean carefully even if the harvest and picking was a success. In the natural-dry process, the coffee cherries are sun-dried and deskinned. The flesh of the fruit is then removed mechanically and stored. In the washed-wet process, the flesh is first removed or de-pulped and then the beans are washed. In this process, they undergo fermentation as well. The washed process gives an acidic and bright flavour while the dry process gives a natural green flavour.

Coffee Roasting and Grinding

After the coffee is processed, they are sorted and graded. Coffee roasting transforms the green coffee beans into brown aromatic kernels of flavour. The skill of an expert roast master is roasting it to extra dark without rendering the burnt taste. Roasted beans are then cooled immediately by water or air. Supplying freshly roasted coffee makes the world of difference and this is what we believe at Octavius – delivering fresh from the farm to cup. Proper grinding of coffee ensures full flavour is transferred to the cup. The beans are roasted coarsely or finely depending upon the brewing method.