Tea for Unity: Sharing Tea on Republic Day

Tea for Unity: Sharing Tea on Republic Day

Many of you are feeling happy and hopeful with Republic Day quickly approaching. This day is filled with significant celebrations and serves as a starting point for gathering with loved ones, friends, and family to watch the Republic Day Parade and celebrate our shared humanity. With winter at its peak right now, if you plan to celebrate this day with enthusiasm and determination, we have the perfect beverage to keep you on track—tea!

In India, tea has consistently been the most popular beverage. A cup of tea has the power to create new connections and friendships. India has a patriotic bond with tea, so on this Republic Day, let us honour our nation's tea-based cultural legacy with the Octavius Indian Chai gift set and spread unity with a cup of tea.

On this Republic Day, thanks to Octavius's wide selection of gift hampers, you can let everyone celebrate by offering them a taste of India's cultural heritage with a cup of tea.

1. Green Tea Gift Set

Green tea is a miraculous beverage that nearly everyone enjoys. It is said to purify our spirits, bodies, and minds. In reality, there is no better season to sip tea than winter. The colder months make the body more vulnerable to the flu, but drinking green tea helps prevent it. Thus, this assortment, packaged in a beautifully crafted wooden box, makes an opulent gift hamper.

2. Tulsi Tea

These days, well-being is the new way of living, and this tea kit is the perfect choice to fit in with that. A tea box with the ideal blend of herbs, an infuser, and honey, this Octavius tea gift set is a perfect addition to any fitness enthusiast's gift basket. Every sip of this tea will improve their mental clarity and physical well-being.

3. Floral Tea

Adding flowers to tea yields a tasty and therapeutic concoction. These exquisite dried flowers, which include jasmine, rose, chamomile, marigold, and hibiscus, add a calming aromatic blend to the tea. They are also mildly scented and offer a host of health benefits. We combine the delicious flavours of naturally dried flowers with the goodness of naturally fresh loose-leaf green tea from the garden in the Octavius mini tea box.

4. Gourmet Tea Collection

This tea selection will enrich your life with bountiful flavours and health. This tea gift set includes three tin packages containing unique tea blends, known as winter blends: spiced turmeric, rose, and Kashmiri kahwa Tea. These mixtures produce calming, aromatic brews that have been found to benefit the body. Each loose tea leaf is individually packed in a pyramid-shaped bag to ensure a clutter-free tea experience.

5. Wellness infusions (caffeine-free)

If you are an individual who is looking for a caffeine-free option to gift, then this is just the right pick for you. This package includes three exotic-flavoured tea blends and a brass stainer for precisely brewing your tea. Packed with antioxidants and presented in glass jars, these make an ideal gift. All these blends are highly flavorful and just hit the right spot for the tea drinker.

6. Premium Darjeeling Tea

This premium white tea with silver needles is the ideal choice if you are searching for a high-quality and healthy beverage to gift on Republic Day. It is the only tea with a geographical indication trademark. It is rich in antioxidants, helps you stay hydrated, lowers your chance of heart disease, prevents ageing skin, and promotes weight loss. Since a cup of this tea has so many advantages, it defies classification as the ideal present.

7. Traditional Detox- Kashmiri Kahwa

How can we overlook Kashmir's beauty if it is all about tradition and flavours? The reason Kashmiri Kahwa is so popular across the globe is that it has the ideal balance of sweet and spicy flavours, along with many health advantages. It's hard to achieve the optimal kahwa flavour because it requires more ingredients than any other tea, but we at Octavius are here to help.

These premium tea gift hampers contain loose tea that will give you that traditional taste you desire and burst the sensation of flavours in your mouth.


On this Republic Day, let us celebrate the official adoption of our country's constitution by sipping on some tradition. As it is the legacy of our nation to serve tea to guests, we at Octavius are pleased to present you with an extensive selection of premium Indian tea collections to add a modern touch to this tradition by offering tea as gifts to our loved ones.

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