Tea and Monsoons are made for each other

Tea and Monsoons are made for each other

It looks like it’s going to rain, you wonder whether you want to step out or stay in and watch the shower pitter patter against your window. Your decision is made easy when mom comes over with a cup of warm tea and biscuits. That’s it, your day is made. Every other plan can go down the drain now.

Monsoons evoke many such memories – sneaking out of class to enjoy tea from the chaiwallah at the college gate, taking a long drive to enjoy the weather and ending up at a random tea stall on the highway or curling up in front of the tv with a hot cup, the memories go on.

As much as monsoon breaks the monotony of the sweltering sun and the scorching heat, it also unceremoniously kickstarts the flu season. This means sniffles, coughs, sneezes and every other uncomfortable symptom that no one likes. Tea is not just a feel-good beverage to have alongside pakora and samosa, it also is an immunity booster and a decongestant.

Tea is known to contain antioxidants such as polyphenol and phytochemicals that have a lot of health benefits. These antioxidants come in handy when we are down with an illness. It helps the body by improving its immunity and helps prevent damage to the immune cells by means of neutralization of free radicals.

Herbal teas are well known as immunity boosters. The renowned Ginger Tea or adrak chai, Cinnamon Tea, Tulsi Tea are some of the best beverages to have during the rainy season.

Here’s our curated selection of Monsoon Specials that we are sure you would love and enjoy:

Ginger Chai

Ginger Tea or adrak chai as mom would call it, is the number one tea to have during the monsoons. It soothes the throat, fights allergies, aids digestion and keeps the bacterial infections at bay. Very little is known of the wonders of this magical root and it has so much more to offer than what meets the eye is what the experts say. Adding crushed ginger pieces to any black tea would do the job!

Masala Chai

The Indian Masala Chai is not just a delicious beverage but also a miracle working drink when you are under the weather. It is made from a blend of fine Indian spices, most of which have medicinal properties. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, elaichi are the quintessential elements to the perfect cup of masala chai. It is soothing to the body and helps you bring down those annoying sniffles.

Cinnamon Anise Green Tea

What’s better than green tea when you have the flu? Cinnamon Anise Green tea! It has the wondrous bark which is cinnamon and the star spice, the anise to satisfy your tastebuds and comfort your ailing body. Brew a piece of cinnamon stick and anise along with green tea, or just buy this flavor of green tea, it works either way.

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi or the Indian Basil has historical evidence of being a medicinal plant. It is the main element in many ayurvedic preparations and tastes divine in the form of tea. It is known to treat stress, cold, cough, headaches and various other ailments. It boosts immunity and has anti inflammatory properties. Add few leaves of Tulsi to boiling water, strain it and enjoy with a side of honey.

Honey Lemon Green Tea

All the names in this tea evoke flavor and goodness. Honey – the golden viscous liquid, straight from nature, lemon – the punchy of all citrus fruits, green tea – the most tender and natural of all teas, together make a soothing beverage that calms the mind and body. This is a wonderful combination that you must try.

Kadha Chai

Kadha Chai or grandmother’s favorite kind of chai is a traditional remedy for cold and cough. It unblocks your stuffy nose in minutes, relieves you of your throat ache, decongests the chest and even improves digestion. Do you require any more reason to include it in your monsoon-must have list?

Enjoy these teas even if you are blessed enough not to have the flu. They boost your immunity and might just be the reason you stayed healthy during these times!

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