Elevate International Tea Day with Octavius’s Artisanal Tea Collection

Elevate International Tea Day with Octavius’s Artisanal Tea Collection

With International Tea Day around the corner, we cannot stop ourselves from thinking about all the ways we can celebrate the art of tea drinking. Spending your evening sipping on tea or kickstarting your day with a healthy brew is nothing less than a delight!

At Octavius, we encourage all tea enthusiasts to celebrate their favorite beverage. The luxurious and premium texture and flavor of the tea will transport you into another world. A world where you can enjoy a variety of tea blends that make your taste buds extremely happy. We have brought to you a curated list of International Tea Days picks from Octavius.

Let’s not hold back and explore the diversity of tea options.

Pure Green Tea Whole Leaf

Every health enthusiast would vouch for a cup of pure green tea. Sip onto the goodness of whole leaf brewed into a healthy and aromatic tea. It is a perfect pre-workout or bedside tea for those who love a dose of caffeine during the day. Green tea makes for a great national tea day gift for tea lovers who love to share a warm cup of tea with their friends and family.

Ginger Lemon Classic Green Tea Loose Leaf

Need a dose of energy? Well, wait no more and experience an elevated tea experience with this soothing herbal embrace. A fresh lemon blended with green tea and a pinch of spicy ginger has been uplifting spirits for years. The aromatic blend will add a touch of refreshment and rejuvenation to your lives.

Indian Masala Chai Black Tea Loose Leaf

Indian masala tea is a popular blend that is preferred across the country. Many Indians wake up to the aroma of masala chai which is a smooth blend of sweetness and spice. Most of us have beautiful memories of travelling with friends and family and stopping by a chai stall for a cup of black tea. This International Tea Day, experience an elevated tea drinking session with a strong earthy aroma and creamy texture of masala chai.

Jasmine Green Tea Loose Leaf

The aroma of Jasmine..well, who doesn’t love it? What if we tell you that you can experience it in your tea. Yes, not just in flowers, perfumes and candles; this floral infusion can now be found in your cup. If you’re looking for a delightful International Tea Day gift, this pack of Jasmine Green tea loose leaf is your cue!

Rose Green Tea Loose Leaf

Talking about floral infusions, how can we forget about the beautiful rose? On this national tea day, let’s embrace the beauty of roses most authentically. Sip on this green tea blend as you savour the delicious snacks and desserts on the table. Because there is nothing better than a sweet treat!

Moringa, Tulsi, Mint Green Tea Loose Leaf

Did someone say refreshing? Well, there is nothing more refreshing than mint. Now, mint is available in the form of green tea with a mix of moringa and tulsi. Celebrate the international tea holiday with your partner as you enjoy this rejuvinating brew. Let’s appreciate the cool things in life!

Rose Glow - 20 Enveloped Pyramid Tea Bags

For a convenient and easy-to-go experience, you can switch to rose glow pyramid tea bags. Enjoy the rosey flavors of this special brew on Chai Day. Let us rejoice in the international tea holiday with these exquisite options available at the official website of Octavius.

Mint Digest - 20 Envelopedyr Pamid Tea Bags

Octavius is here to make your life easy with mint digest pyramid tea bags. We are sure that it will make for a useful national tea day gift for tea lovers! Mint helps the mind and body cool down and fight inflammation. It also helps aid weight loss, promote skin glow, fight bad breath and may support chronic diseases.

May 21st is here and this refers to the grand celebration of tea! This International Tea Day, let us dedicate our time and attention to our favourite beverage. At Octavius, we are looking forward to promoting ethical and sustainable tea production and consumption practices.

Sourced from the fresh gardens of Assam and Darjeeling, we provide hand-picked tea leaves brewed into a special beverage. This is a chance for tea connoisseurs to experiment with their choices when it comes to tea options. Our expert tea planters pick these leaves that provide high concentrations of antioxidants, L-theanine and caffeine.

Shop for exquisite brews at Octavius.

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