Your Guide to Exquisite Tea Accessories

Your Guide to Exquisite Tea Accessories

A sommelier will agree that the shape, structure and material of wine glasses affect the taste aromatics and flavor of wine. In the same way a Tea enthusiast will concur that teaware can enhance the taste and flavor of your tea. From cups to teapots to the infuser you use, everything contributes to the taste of tea in its own special way. Here’s a little guide to exquisite tea accessories that you can indulge and buy to make your tea time extra special!

What’s in a cup

Tea cups come in various shapes and sizes. From tall to wide to steep, cups are available in whatever shape you might fancy. Did you know that the classic tea cup shape has a design which maximizes the mouthfeel and texture of tea? A classic shaped teacup has increased surface area which ensures more tea is sipped as you tilt the cup to your mouth. This enriches one’s tea drinking experience especially in the case of teas such as black teas which are velvety and rich.

Flared tea cups, generally, have thin walls which makes heat dissipate quicker. As the cup flares to the rim, the cup in contact with your mouth moves farther away. This is good for white and green teas which are typically enjoyed warm. Besides this the flared cup gives you more control over the amount of tea that can be sipped unlike the classic cup which allows for more tea to be sipped with just a slight tilt.

Tall flute shaped cups trap all the aroma delivering a wonderful tea drinking experience. These cups are ideal for aromatic teas such as floral or spiced ones which are brewed to fulfill the olfactory senses.

I’m not just a little Teapot

Teapots are designed to be functional while looking aesthetically pleasing.  Teapots are used to brew teas unlike kettles which are mainly used as vessel for holding brewed tea. We get modern as well as traditional looking teapots available in glass, ceramic, stainless steel, copper and more. Ceramic teapots look traditional but also have a charming element to it. Its ideal for usage if you brew the same type of tea every day. Stainless steel teapots are good for brewing multiple flavors of tea as the flavor can be easily rinsed off. Glass teapots are a wonderful option for loose leaf teas. Many glass teapots come with an in-built infuser that acts like a French press. They offer a sleek look while heating up quickly hence offering maximum functionality. Copper teapots appeal to tea enthusiasts who love the combination of vintage and durability. They are high performance and also make for good gifts.

Teapot Infuser for max flavors

A tea lover is always on the look out for accessories that add more joy to the process of brewing tea. If you are one such person then you would love the idea of a teapot with infuser. An infuser helps in extracting maximum flavor from tea. Every sip is made as a tantalizing experience, a sort of dance of flavors, if one might say so. If the teapot infuser is transparent then there is the added bonus of watching the unfurling of the leaves as they steep in hot water. It is a pleasant sensory experience that enhances tea consumption. Using a teapot infuser allows ample space for the tea leaves to open up fully thereby releasing a depth of flavors. So, if you want to level up on your teapot game then you can always go for a Teapot Infuser

Gaiwan – The lidded cup

A true tea enthusiast who has had the privilege of participating in a tea ceremony or tea tasting would have surely observed the beautiful piece of teaware that is central to it – the gaiwan. Gaiwan means lidded cup or bowl.  It is a cherished item that is appealing as well as functional. A gaiwan is said to be an extension of the tea bowl but with an artistic touch to it. The advantage of drinking tea from a gaiwan is that you are lucky to admire the blossoming of tea leaves in your cup. The lid of the gaiwan can be removed easily and leaves the room filled with the aroma of freshly brewed tea. If you enjoy taking lazy sips and cherish watching unfurling of tea then Gaiwan is a must have in your teaware collection.

Infuser Mug – Unfurl flavors on the go

A super convenient way to brew tea on the go while enjoying maximum flavors is through an infuser mug. As the name suggests an Infuser Mug is a mug that helps you to brew tea within the mug by means of an infuser. There are 3 main components to it – the mug, the mesh and lid. Loose leaf teas are way healthier than tea bags, so if you wish to brew your own tea even on a busy day then an Infuser Mug will do you good. You can brew loose leaf teas at home or at work without any hassle. Infuser mugs come in various designs and thus make great gifts – to others as well to self!

Tea Press

If you love a French press then you must know that they make it for tea too! A Tea press has a plunger mechanism which presses the steeped tea leaves. When tea is plunged the brewing stops hence the tea does not become bitter. Tea can be brewed to the strength you prefer without removing the infuser. A Tea Press can be a unique addition to your teaware especially if you are one to have frequent tea parties. A true show stopper.


So, it’s time to splurge on your favorite tea accessories this festive season! They don’t just look good but also add the aroma, flavor and taste of tea ensuring you have the best tea drinking experience every single day!

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