A Cup of Love: Heartwarming Mother's Day Tea Gift Sets

A Cup of Love: Heartwarming Mother's Day Tea Gift Sets

Mother's Day is a unique opportunity to honor the woman who is the first teacher in every child's life. There is no better way to honor her unselfish love and devotion than by making our mothers feel special on this day. If you are willing to surprise your mother and make her day special, trust us; we have a unique Mother's Day gift idea for you: a cup of tea or a tea gift set.

Tea is the ideal gift for mom to celebrate Mother's Day because she is the one who prepares tea for everyone in the house every day with love and compassion. Giving them a flavorful cup of tea in the morning and wishing them Mother's Day will fill them with that warm, cozy vibe and ensure a great start to their day.

Now, if you are wondering which tea to choose, don't worry; we here at Octavius have curated an ample number of options exclusively for you from which you can pick up the correct taste for your mother to surprise her on the day.

Tea Essentials: Truly Tulsi (2 Tulsi Green Tea Blends)

These days, well-being is the new way of living, and this tea kit is the perfect choice to fit in with that. A tea box with the ideal blend of herbs such as tulsi, rose petal, chamomile, and ginger, along with an infuser and honey, for you to create the best cup of beverage. This Octavius tea gift set is a perfect addition to the gift basket. A sip of this tea in the morning will surely make your mother feel special.

Gourmet Tea Collection: Tealightful Infusions (3 Tins)

A delightful and healing infusion emerges when the flavor of flowers is infused in tea. These exquisite dried flowers, which include chamomile, mint, and rose, add a calming and aromatic blend to the tea. They are also mildly scented. Gifting this tea to your mother will also provide them with numerous health benefits. We combine the delicious flavors of naturally dried flowers with the goodness of fresh loose-leaf green tea in this Octavius herbal tea gift set.

Heritage of India Tea Collection: Green Tea Essentials

This green tea gift set is a perfect pick for Mother's Day. This beautiful wooden pack consists of loose-leaf organic tea. It comes with the teas and special brewing tools that will ease the work of getting that perfect brew. You can also name this an immunity booster tea, as it is antioxidant-rich. The pack includes two whole-leaf packs of pure green and cinnamon-anise green teas.

Indian Masala Black Tea: 30 Enveloped Teabags

We are all aware of our mothers' great love for tea, particularly the traditional kadaak chai, which they create by adding chai masala to their cup of tea. Enjoy the goodness of these exquisite Assamese whole-leaf spiced black tea blends, carefully chosen for those who enjoy desi chai. It can be an ideal pick for anyone because the flavors are authentic. Trust us, every mother loves desi masala chai.

Tea Time Treasure: Wellness Infusions (3 Caffeine-free Teas With Brass Strainer)

If you are an individual who is looking for a caffeine-free tea option as a Mother's Day gift, then this is just the right pick for you. This package includes three exotic-flavored tea blends and a brass stainer for precisely brewing your tea. Packed with antioxidants and presented in glass jars, these make an ideal green tea. The flavor of all these blends is so delicious that it will satisfy your mother's craving for tea every morning when she drinks it.

Grand Indulgence Tea Hamper: Your Calming Bundle

This hamper can be the best gift for mom. The box consists of elegant teaware, an aromatic candle, a coaster, and chamomile-flavored tea, which, trust us, is very calming. This will elevate their tea-drinking experience, even if you surprise them by preparing a soothing tea corner with a lighted candle and an aromatic cup of tea.


Our goal at Octavius is to give everyone access to the authentic flavor of tea blends sourced directly from tea plantations. Because Octavius offers a variety of blends for different palates inspired by Indian flavors, we believe it will be easy to select a Mother's Day gift from our extensive range. As we have so many tea blends, we know everyone will find the perfect gift at Octavius!

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