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    We use Expert Tea Blenders & Tea Tasters


Quality is a vast area which covers every aspect of our product starting from the cultivation to production to packaging to the delivery of the final product. We at Octavius focus on providing our clients with the freshest and purest tea and coffee. We instill trust through professionalism, our rich cultural heritage, pre-independence roots that have helped in cementing our position in the minds of our customers. Being amongst the largest tea and coffee manufacturers in India, our USP is that we not only root for high levels of quality, but also aim at delivering precision within stipulated time.



The complete cultivation process from the tea nursery to the full grown tea bush is taken care of by the expert tea planters who have been working in our tea gardens for generations.


We own some of the finest tea plantations in West Bengal spread across 2400 hectares (area under tea plantation) having an annual yield of 2 million kgs of tea. The company possesses an independent set up of ISO 22000:2005 certified processing and packaging units.

To give you the best, we make sure that every step involved in the tea making process is done to perfection.

Plucking: A great emphasis is given to plucking the perfect tea leaves, as good raw material (tea leaf ) is a must to produce tea with a unique flavour. This can be achieved only by maintaining fine plucking standards.

Withering: “Withering makes or mars the tea” is a well-known fact in the planter's perception. This is one of the most important steps in tea processing as manufacturing the desired quality of tea is ensured by maintaining the desired level of withering. A great attention is given to ensure the right level of withering.

Fermentation: Special attention is paid to maintain the right temperature, humidity and the duration of fermentation to ensure that the flavour of the tea remains intact.

Firing/Drying: The tea leaves are fired at optimally regulated temperature to produce the best quality of tea. The process of drying of the produced tea caters to the enhancement of flavor of the tea so utmost care is taken not to over-cook the leaves.

Grading: Grading is done by sifting through meshes carefully, to sort the tea into different shapes and sizes perfectly.


Apart from our own plantations we directly source teas from the finest tea growers of Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiris and Dooars thus, making sure that only the freshest teas come straight from the gardens to your cup. With the help of our expert tea blenders and tasters who have years of experience we procure the best quality teas that you will love with all your heart.


Tea tasting is the art of determining the quality of tea as the taste of tea varies based on the climatic conditions, topography, manufacturing process and the type of tea plant. Each variety of tea has a unique aroma, body and characteristic that can only be. Our seasoned tea tasters take note of everything that they sense – right from the first aroma to the last gulp to find the best quality tea. All teas manufactured at our plantations or sourced from other plantations go through a proper tasting process to make sure only the best teas reach your cup.


Strict inspection is done while the teas are weighed and packed into tea chests or paper sacks or poly pouches for retailing and exports.


We ensure that we deliver the freshest tea, we prepare ourselves before-hand to let the pure products reach you with no middlemen coming in between.


Strict quality checks are done by our skilled estate managers, tea tasters, in order to bring you 100% certified and quality assured products, therefore setting a benchmark. We understand how tea aficionados globally are thorough about the quality and taste of teas, due to which we make sure that none of products go through any kind of experimentation, adulteration or go haywire, diluting the fineness of the tea that is fresh from our gardens.


Our Coffee division was established in the year 1986 presently having coffee plantations in Coorg District in Karnataka and the plantations are ably supported by curing facilities at Kushalnagar with 20,000 MT PA capacity.

To create a perfect cup of coffee, we grow it, pluck it and process it for you.


Selective harvesting is done with special attention to carefully hand pick only the ripened berries.

Natural fermentation is done to maximize flavour development thereby achieving a high standard of quality.

To develop the colour and flavour in the bean, soaking is done of the washed beans under fresh water over night and slow drying is done under natural lights.

To improve the quality of coffee, grading of coffee beans at curing level involves separation of beans according to size, shape and density followed by meticulous garbling done with precision to improve the quality of coffee.

There has never been a time when we haven’t strived for perfection, and in this process we have been updating our techniques, our product range and our quality, so that we can match up to the expectation bar set by you, if not being able to cross it. It gives us immense pleasure to mention that our products are of premium quality and are known for their rarity and purity and we deliver products of the highest quality. A sip of our Tea or Coffee delivers an experience that gives the assurance to our consumers that they have chosen the right product. When you join the ever expanding family of Octavius Tea & Industries Ltd., it is a legacy that engulfs you through the experience that you get to live, and also cement the bond further over decades and decades!