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Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Brother: A Guide to Gift Hampers and Tea Options

Buying a Rakhi gift for your brother can be a daunting task sometimes, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of him. You are more familiar with your sibling as a sister. You are ready to surprise your brother this Raksha Bandhan because you are aware of the kinds of things he likes the most. You will be able to choose the ideal rakhi gift for your brother at Octavius.

In order to help you in gifting the best gifts for your brother this Rakhi, Octavius has brought an exquisite range of Indian Tea collection which will make your brother more happy and will rejuvenate his mind and body as well.let us talk about the various tea collections to give to your brother this Rakhi.

Understanding the Different Types of Tea

Let us understand the different types of tea and their health benefits one by one.

Loose Tea

Loose Tea has a better flavor because the leaves get more space to expand. It also has better flavors compared to pre-packaged teas.

Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and has potential health benefits including increasing metabolism and energy. It has different types such as sencha, matcha and Jasmine green tea.

Black Tea

Black Tea has significant amounts of caffeine which helps in boosting energy.It has a bold and robust flavor which comes in various forms like Earl Grey, Assam and English Breakfast.

Pyramid Tea bags

These pyramid tea bags have more space for the tea leaves to expand, giving it a more refreshing flavor. It also has herbal blends which provide a more authentic taste experience.

Gourmet tea

Gourmet tea contains unique blends like fruit-infused teas, floral teas, and rare tea varieties which gives it a refreshing taste. It has ingredients of premium quality which gives it a more refined flavor profile.

Darjeeling Tea

It is also rich in antioxidants and has potential health benefits. As the name suggests, it is mostly grown in the Darjeeling Tea plantations and has a delicate and floral flavor.

Masala Chai

Masala Chai contains black tea along with spices such as ginger, Cardamom and cinnamon and are perfect for chai lovers. It has a spice taste which can be enjoyed with milk and sugar.

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi Tea is also a very good source of stress relief and immune system support.It has a refreshing and slightly spicy flavor, with variations like Tulsi Ginger, Tulsi Lemon etc.

Exploring Octavius Tea's Gift Hampers

Octavius has brought you a range of Tea gift hampers which can make your Rakhi even more special and auspicious. Your brother will definitely like the tea hampers from Octavius. Let us explore the different tea hampers one by one.

Assortment of Fine Teas

This collection consists of 10 teabags of classic Assam black tea, Indian masala chai, Darjeeling black tea, pure green tea, lemon green tea and cinnamon anise green tea.This is a perfect choice of tea and chai lovers and is filled with antioxidants to enrich your health.

Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea

This fresh tea arrives with the arrival of spring during the months of February to April. New tender shoots appear on the tea shrubs, which do not need oxidation and are simply dried to make them ready for consumption. It has a mild brew which is perfect for tea lovers not opting for the stronger variant.

Darjeeling second Flush Black Tea

This Darjeeling second flush black tea is generally grown on the high elevated tea plantations in Darjeeling and arrives during the months of May-June.It is known as the champagne of black teas due to its rich flavor. It has a smooth and rich aroma which is enjoyed by tea lovers from around the world.

Ambrosial Tea Hamper

This Ambrosial tea hamper consists of turmeric spiced, Chamomile soothe, mint digest,organic lavender bubble candle and a tea infuser. The ingredients present in it make it a complete wellness tea kit having digestive and calming properties.

Elixir collection

This fresh tea consists of rose glow, Tulsi delight, chamomile soothe, mint digest, kashmiri kahwa,tea infuser in its collection. It contains nutrient rich ingredients like turmeric, Tulsi which have been known for wellness properties.It is a complete kit of five loose teas which takes care of your wellness goals everyday.

Borosilicate glass cup with steel infuser

It is a glass teacup with a detachable infuser and a lid. The lid helps in keeping the tea warm for a long time. It is made with borosilicate glass which is very thick and robust and makes the perfect gift for loose tea lovers.

Deciding on the Perfect Gift

When choosing the perfect gift for your brother, please make a note of his preference, personality and interests. You can make a note of his hobbies or passion while choosing the gift. Also, you can also observe whether he is introverted, extroverted, adventurous while choosing the gift.

If you have a brother who is a tea-connoisseur, you can try gifting a premium tea set with a variety of loose tea leaves,a tea pot and a tea cup. If you have a health enthusiast brother, then you can try gifting yeh premium collection of green tea and black tea or the Darjeeling black tea available at Octavius website.

How to Order from Octavius Tea

The ordering process from Octavius Tea is very easy. After you open the website, you need to select the type of premium tea from the top if you are opening it from laptop/desktop and on the three lines on the left if you are opening from mobile. After that, you need to add the specific tea or tea set to the cart for check out. After adding it to the cart, you need to go to the cart and click on check out. While checking out, you have to provide your personal information like name and address and then select the mode of your payment like whether you want it online or cash on delivery.

If you are selecting online, you can pay by debit or credit card or by UPI too. There is an important feature in Octavius which is reminding you to complete your purchase by sending you an SMS or texting you in WhatsApp if you somehow fail to complete your payment. Festive sale is going now where you can avail a discount of 10-20% now. You can also get upto 50% off too.


Rakshabandhan is around the corner and every sister is gearing up to present the best gift to his brother and vice-versa. Let us make this festival more joyous and fun with Octavius's best tea gift hampers for your brother this Rakhi.

Happy Rakshabandhan to all the fellow tea and chai lovers from around the world.

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