Women’s Day 2022: 13 healthy gifts for the special women of your lives

Women’s Day 2022: 13 healthy gifts for the special women of your lives

All across the world International Women’s Day is celebrated in honour of all women who contribute to their family and society, in other words, every single woman on this planet! It is also a day to shine the spotlight on all the things women do for the upliftment of the community. It’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone to give back to the giver, something special and unique that she will cherish.

1.Gourmet Hamper

Gourmet gifts are a wonderful way to lavish love on a woman – be it mom, sister, friend or spouse. Gourmet foods are known for the high quality, rarity and best taste. Putting together some gourmet food items like rare cheese, condiments, imported fruits and other delicacy that are also healthy is sure to make an exclusive women’s day treat.

2. Rejuvenating Teas

What’s finer than fine teas – rejuvenating both the mind and the body. From classic Darjeeling black tea to Earl Grey breakfast teas, get her high-quality fine teas to honour the wonderful woman for who she is.

3. Season’s Bounty

There’s nothing healthier and tastier than seasonal fruits and vegetables. Put them all in a basket and gift it to the woman you care for and see the big smile on her face. From sweet lychees, pears and plums to fresh spinach or broccoli, seasonal food items are a great way to squeeze in more healthy food to one’s daily life.

4. Self-care Kit

There’s no better care than self-care. Help her start a nourishing daily routine by gifting her an all- natural self-care kit with body creams, face scrub, moisturizer and toner.

5. Healthy Tisanes

Tisanes are deeply relaxing as well as delicious drinks. Treat the special woman in your life by getting her some calming caffeine free tisanes like Mints, Lemongrass, Rooibos, Chamomile, Liquorice and more.

6. Immune boosting Tea Hamper

Immune boosting Teas are the need of the hour. From Ginger, peppermint, turmeric to lemongrass, there are plenty of options to gift your loved one health and wellness.

7. Food Supplements

For the women who tirelessly run the family, organization and even the community at large, a much- needed thing is providing them with the right nutrients. Its no secret that supplements can make up for any nutritional gaps. It is important to choose supplements from trusted and organic brands to ensure the person you care for receives the right nutrition for her body.

8. Hamper of Honey

Honey is a gift from nature. Tasteful and flavoured honey such as Rosewood, Eucalyptus or wild honey makes for a wonderful gift which is also healthy.

9. Essential Oils

Did you know that Essential Oils support wellbeing? Plant extracts used in aromatherapy relax the body and the mind. Peppermint, tea tree oil, sandalwood, lemon, lavender is used to boost energy, calm the nerves and improve the mood. It might be one of the best gifts to give women who need a pick-me-up on a busy day!

10. Spa in a box

Gift self-indulgence, give the perfect gift to a woman who is always other-centred. Let her know that she needs to care for herself before caring for anyone else. You could add bath bombs, face scrubs, eye masks, scented candles etc to make it extra special.

11. Chocolate

Chocolates can be healthy too! Dark chocolates with more than 70% cocoa are a healthy treat. It means there are more flavonoids in it. Choose chocolates from reputed brands with high percentage of cocoa and make sure you read the ingredients list. This is a gift that can make any chocolate lover happy!

12. Nutritious Nuts

A perfect gift which is nutritious as well as healthy. From roasted almonds, flavoured cashews, pecans and pistachios, there are a whole range of healthy items you could gift her.

13. Healthy Snacks

Who doesn’t love a good snack and who deserves it more than a busy woman whose always on-the- run? Give her a little snack upgrade by gifting healthy and delectable snacks like protein bars, flavoured raisins, soy chips and more. She will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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