Tea for Two Gift Bundle

Tea for Two Gift Bundle

Finally, we are inching towards the season of love! In a world where uncertainty has been the norm, loved ones were the only safe haven who kept us going. So, this the right time for you to unconditionally lavish love on those near and dear.

Now before you get swept up in a storm of ideas right from rose bouquets to champagne bottles, we would like to suggest another idea for you – how about a tea hamper? Well yes yes, this is a tea blog and you pretty much guessed it anyway but don’t you think it would make a wonderful valentine day gifting? Valentine’s day is all about showing love in your own special way and what’s more genuine then celebrating with tea for two. The grand part of the gesture would of course be you brewing the tea yourself and offering it to your loved one! Now nothing would beat that right?

Thoughtful Gifts with a touch of luxury

If you are looking for a unique gift idea this Valentine’s Day or wishing to do a big Valentine surprise then look no further – Octavius has it all!

Our assortment of teas come in popular and classic flavours of tea that is sure to bring a big smile to any tea enthusiast. This gift is the perfect way to celebrate the day of love. From luxurious Early Grey to spicy Indian Masala chai to delicious Darjeeling tea – you can get them all! If you truly know what your dear ones like then you can just go ahead and pick their favourite flavour.

Healthy Teas to show you care

Long simmered teas, lazy afternoons, just the perfect combination to have relaxed conversation with the people you care for the most. A unique valentines day gifting idea is giving healthy teas. From immune boosting healthy tisanes to warming spicy blends, Octavius has a wide collection of healthy teas for you to choose from. Specific ingredients in our healthy tea range like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, anise and mint, tulsi, moringa, chamomile, rooibos etc are known to heal the body and the mind!

Sustainable Gifting Option

If you are a sustainable gifter, then we have got you covered. Our tea gift hampers come in beautifully handcrafted wooden boxes that is sure to make the gift look pleasing to the eyes as it would be to the taste buds. Our premium teas also come in sustainable and beautiful jute bags. These handcrafted boxes and bags also make wonderful keepsakes which your dear ones can cherish long after they’ve enjoyed the teas.

So, without further ado, go ahead and add these luxury teas to your cart. Make this Valentine’s Day memorable and special with our wide range of Valentines hamper!

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