Let's celebrate the victory of good over evil with a perfect cup of tea

Let's celebrate the victory of good over evil with a perfect cup of tea

Let's celebrate the victory of good over evil with a perfect cup of tea

The months of September-October give us so many opportunities to reflect the victory of good over evil. Be it through the myriad of festivals or just the fact that we have lived through another day or week with positivity and gratitude, deserves to be celebrated. What better way to celebrate the day than with a perfect cup of tea!

Did you know that having tea is one of the best ways to be mindful? Enjoying one’s daily cup of tea is by itself an act of gratitude that revitalises your mind and body.

Celebrating everyday with a cup of tea

Being mindful is a state of being present in the here and now, allowing yourself to be aware to the present and connecting to your thoughts and feelings in a calm way. When you are mindful, you allow yourself to see both the good and the bad in your daily life, thereby giving you opportunities to appreciate the good. Having a cup of natural tea enables you to be more connected to yourself and also to those around you.

Having a daily tea ritual

Building moments of mindfulness by picking the tea you love – be it premium tea or an organic one, brewing it and appreciating each sip is a wonderful daily ritual. By coming back everyday to this wonderful ritual, we learn to truly appreciate the day and celebrate the little victories. We cultivate focus and gratitude on a day-to-day basis. This is the wonder of having a daily tea ritual! Not only is it nourishing to your body but also to the soul.

These are some ways you can be mindful and celebrate your day with a cup of tea:

  1. Be attentive to the splash the water makes as you pour it into the kettle. Enjoy the bubbling of the boiling water and observe the wisps of steam that comes out of the spout
  2. Observe the swirling of water as you add in the tea powder. Enjoy the shades of the brew as they turn from light to dark
  3. As you add milk and sugar, wonder why you like them. Think about the amount of sugar you add or not and relish the sweetness that you look forward to in your cup
  4. As you bring the cup close to your mouth, take in the wonderful aroma. Did you know that aroma adds taste to the tea?
  5. Enjoy your cup of tea with all your senses. Do not rush it but rather relax and enjoy. You deserve it!

Now that you know how to enjoy a perfect cup of tea, its time to learn the recipe of a delicious tea.

A refreshing tea recipe to enjoy everyday

Lemon Tea Recipe
Masala lemon tea is a refreshing and delicious drink where fresh lemon is squeezed in. Lemon tea is soothing and is a wonderful beverage that can be enjoyed every day.

  • Tea powder / leaves – ½ teaspoon
  • Tea Masala – ½ teaspoon
  • Black Salt – a pinch
  • Ground Black Pepper – ¼ teaspoon
  • Juice of one lime
  • Grated ginger – 1 inch

Boil 2 cups of water, grate in ginger and the Tea Masala. Wait for the brew to turn brown. Add the tea leaves or powder and allow it to boil for around 10 seconds and turn off the stove. Squeeze in the juice of lemon. Add in black salt, pepper in cup. Strain the tea mixture into the cup. Add honey to taste. This is healthy masala lemon tea that you can enjoy every day!

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