A high-tea experience with Masala Chai

A high-tea experience with Masala Chai

A high-tea experience with Masala Chai

What makes chai exotic? The exotic blend of Indian spices! Levelling up chai time and making it a high tea experience can begin with the simple yet delectable Indian Masala Chai. The best masala chais are the ones brewed fresh at home, whipped up quickly with one’s favourite spices. A favourite of Indian households, the Indian masala chai is made by simmering exotic spices with black tea and milk.

High tea Essentials

  • Tea sets that you have reserved for special occasions
  • Tiered stand for elegant display
  • Mason jars for desserts
  • Cutlery sets for serving
  • Tea towels to go by the side of the plate
  • A centrepiece (flowers or a candle stick)

How to throw an Indian high chai

High tea comes from a British tradition where tea was sipped on tall chairs at a table that was filled with delicious food such as salads, bread, meat, tarts, pies and more. It was almost like dinner time at 5PM but with tea! Now, we all know that Indians love their chai and what’s better than throwing an Indian high chai with all the best desi dishes. It’s an idea that everyone must consider to make tea time a memorable one during holidays and festivals.

During high tea, people are usually relaxed, laid back and enjoy lengthy conversations. Looks like a familiar scene during get togethers right? The usage of the word “high” makes tea time more elaborate than afternoon tea, plus it is accompanied by heavy snacks and ample food.

Plan for your high tea at least a week in advance and invest in some good tea sets and possibly a tiered stand! Well, it’s not a must, but now that we are going high, lets take it a level higher, shall we?

Plan a menu with all your favourite desi snacks and dishes. The snacks that would pair well with masala chai are samosas, pakoras, bujjia, fafda, good old-fashioned rusk and of course cake!

Do plan on adding our famous dessert items like halwas, barfis or modaks. You could make some of these items a day before too or buy few from a store. Once your food items are ready, you could arrange them on your elegant tiered stand or just use mason jars and trays to display them at the table.

Best Masala Chai Recipe

  • Boil and simmer water in a vessel
  • Crush favourite spices such as cloves, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom pods, peppercorns with mortar and pestle
  • Add crushes spices to the simmering water
  • Add in the hero ingredient – Ginger by directly grating into the mix
  • Once the water turns brown, add in the black tea powder or leaves
  • When the brew becomes frothy, add in milk
  • Strain and enjoy with milk and sugar

If making masala chai from scratch is not your cup of tea, then look for Octavius masala chai online. Another easy way to brew a delightful cup of masala chai is to just add Octavius Chai Masala to our Premium CTC or Gold CTC range of teas. It’s the closest you can get to an authentic tea experience.

Tips to brew a good masala chai

  • Grate ginger directly into the brew
  • Add ingredients only when water is simmering
  • Allow tea leaves to boil for maximum of 40 seconds
  • Allow flavours to develop by closing the lid while the brew simmers

Now that you’ve armed yourself with all the details for hosting a high tea, go ahead and get creative. You could make some masala iced tea for the cold beverage lovers. Here’s to a memorable high chai experience!

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