Environment friendly Tea Habits

Environment friendly Tea Habits

What's better than an avid tea drinker? An eco-minded one! If you love tea and are also mindful of our environment then there is more than just one way to marry these two wonderful things together. Being environment- friendly is a conscious choice and tea being an everyday beverage for so many, is a good place to start.

Even tea has an environmental footprint of its own. The choices we make daily while consuming tea can help our planet in the long run.

Right from boiling just enough water while brewing tea to reusing the packaging it comes in can help reduce the carbon footprint of your cup of tea. Here are few suggestions for you to keep enjoying your cup of tea as well as treating your planet with kindness:

1. Boil only as much water as you want to

Not overfilling the kettle, but only boiling the right amount of water to brew your tea can help you significantly lower the footprint. Choose the good old fashioned stove top over electricity! Small but conscious choices will help you go a long way.

2. Steep tea bags more than once

This might be news to you but one tea bag can easily make two cups of tea. So, if you are ever making tea for two then try steeping the same tea bag twice and you might surprise yourself.

3. Reuse, recycle or upcycle packaging

Don't you love the wonderful cans tea comes in? Most packagings are classic and sparks good old memories. There are so many fun ways you could use them around your house - from pen holders to cactus planters to trinket containers, the options are just endless.

3. Compost tea waste

Did you know that remains of tea after steeping the beverage can be a wonderful feed for your garden? Especially rose plants! Flowering plants thrive on tea waste. Blooms flourish in quantity and quality when you add tea remains to the soil. Tea bag waste can also be efficiently used to avoid weed growth around plants. A win-win situation right there. Just make sure you remove the paper and plastic waste that come with tea bags.

4. Choose organic, environment-friendly Tea brands

Choosing environment friendly tea brands over the others is a great way to take small steps in your sustainability journey. So go ahead, make your favourite cup of tea and enjoy it without guilt knowing you are taking baby steps in helping the planet!

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