Herbal Teas – Not Truly A Tea, But Effective to The Tea

Tea has been the world’s favourite and most reliable beverage since the British discovered it in China and took the onus of introducing it to the rest of the world through its colonies. Not only was the beverage a revelation, but such has been its popularity over the years that it has since, been absorbed or imbibed into many cultures and traditions as an integral part of their hospitality and culture. However every particular culture or region that embraced tea and its medicinal values and benefits, customised it by way of their indigenous methods of brewing the beverage so as to make it look like a trait singular and typical to their culture and tradition. Tea has since been adopted by the British as the country’s most preferred beverage who prefer to consume tea in its original essence without addition of any external ingredients for flavour and taste. In India tea is prepared in a heady mix with the presence of many additives such as milk and spices making it a speciality brew restricted to its shores. Both the above methods of preparing tea are in strong contrast with each other and particularly stand out in comparison with the Chinese way of brewing and consuming tea. Thus although the world is united by its love for tea, it is again divided in its ways of preparing and consuming the wonderful beverage. Such is life in this amazing planet called Earth.

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