Bridging the Gap: How Indian Teas Can Compete with Imported Wines in the Hospitality Industry

Bridging the Gap: How Indian Teas Can Compete with Imported Wines in the Hospitality Industry

Have you ever looked with astonishment at the extravagant spending of fancy hotels on sommeliers, wine cellars, and procuring expensive wines? It’s a luxurious concept that has always left us wondering about the need for such a huge expenditure.

It is believed that in the west, sommeliers are experts in wine selection and curate a wine list that boasts exclusive wines from the far corners of the world. Thereafter, these interesting wine bottles are packed with bargains. The sommeliers also know which vintages to order and which ones to steer clear of. They even indulge in tasting every dish on the menu to suggest perfect pairings. However, in India, sourcing wines from the distinct corners is not an easy task, which limits the wine collection that the sommeliers have access to.

Redefining the Classic for Hotels

The stringent government regulations in the wine sector can be a daunting task for importers, leaving no room for experimentation. As a result, you may come across the same old wines listed on hotel menus in India. However, what hoteliers often fail to consider are the exotic commodities that are abundantly available in our country, such as aromatic herbs, spices, and most importantly, tea. By blending the essence of Indian teas and imported wines with innovative marketing strategies and quality assurance measures, the Indian tea industry can carve a niche for itself in the hospitality industry and emerge as a powerful competitor. Let's spice up the palates of our guests with a touch of the exotic!

An exotic high tea experience will tantalize the taste buds and transport the hotel guests into a world of luxury. And thanks to the easy access to tea gardens in India, hotels can serve an array of delectable brews such as darjeeling tea, white tea, oolong tea, rose green tea, and many more rejuvenating and healing flavors. Your high tea experience will be nothing short of exotic and unforgettable with these aromatic brews. The aromatic and exquisite flavors of the tea create a poised ambience and a unique experience for all tea enthusiasts.

Accompanied by tea drinking experiences and delicious snacks, the high tea tradition can give a new direction of growth to the hospitality business. The lush interiors and grounded brews can turn into a perfect mixture of tradition and modernity that can serve as a flag-bearer of a humble yet luxurious experience that the guest can look forward to during their stay at the hotel.

A Duty Towards Our Culture

The tea drinking experience exudes elegance and sophistication. No wonder it has been part of Indian culture since ancient times. The exotic and cultural diversity of our country can be perfectly symbolized through the tea drinking culture. The aromatic and delectable flavours represent the richness of India and provide a great opportunity for the guests to immerse themselves in the customs and traditions of different Indian traditions. Most of all, it will promote our age-old tradition to foreign guests as they sip on the delicate flavors of Asia and immerse themselves in the bold spices of India.

Perfect Opportunity to Unwind And Socialize

The concept of high tea in hotels brings forth the opportunity to unwind and socialize in an outdoor area, which itself acts as a spa treatment. It's an experience that transports guests to a world of luxury and indulgence, making it the perfect way to spend an afternoon in an exotic setting. While wine and cocktails are usually preferred during a sundowner or evening event, tea drinking can help create memorable experiences throughout the day or night.

Impact on Our Environment And Local Agriculture

Introducing high tea in hotels is a fabulous way to support the agriculture industry. This bountiful experience will result in the creation of a huge market for locally grown tea and other herbs. Thus, benefiting the local economy and farmers who can diversify the crops to serve the hospitality industry. And as they say, there is nothing better than a fresh brew. Visitors will have the exceptional chance to sample and savor the exotic flavors of locally grown teas that tea experts hand-selected from fresh tea gardens.

Tea is known as the exotic elixir of the East for all the right reasons and reigns as the supreme beverage choice in India and other Asian or Middle-east countries. The alluring and fresh tea leaves hold a special place in the psyche of tea lovers. It would be a great joy to share this unparalleled experience with those whom you love to serve with your hospitality. Be it the rich and aromatic Darjeeling tea, the robust Assam tea, or the delicate and refreshing green tea, these are just a few examples of the diverse range of teas available in our country. Tea plantations in India are a sight to behold, with lush greenery and rolling hills that stretch as far as the eye can see. Unlike wine, which is often imported, tea is grown and produced locally, ensuring a fresh and authentic experience. With its unique flavors and rich cultural heritage, the tea supply in India is truly a treasure to behold.

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