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Valentine Hampers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this is the perfect chance to make your loved ones feel special. Among the wide collection of Valentine hampers, we will list the best choices for you. At Octavius, we bring to you a mix of chai masala, herbal tea, a green tea gift set and immunity booster tea, amongst all other types of festive teas.

Rejoice in love with your partner as you sip on the good things in life. This is a time for lovers to celebrate their love story with a hot cup of tea. Let us first discuss the whys of giving tea to your Valentine. No wonder tea is a favorite beverage of many people across the country but gifting it on special occasions makes the day one of a kind.

​​Why Tea Is The Perfect Gift For Valentine's Day?

The flirty, floral and refreshing blends of tea can bring harmony and warmth to your relationship. Tea has always been symbolised as love, care and a welcoming gesture. This Valentine’s Day, you get a chance to bring a smile to your special someone’s face. Do you ask how? At Octavius, we have brought to you an extensive range of Valentine special hampers with a blend of Indian tea choices for fitness enthusiasts as well as tea connoisseur.

Latest Valentine Special Picks

Let us now discuss the top picks for Valentine special picks by Octavius.

Assortment of Fine Teas- Your Aroma Therapy ( 18 Teabags & An Aromatic Candle)

This premium set of carefully chosen black and green teas comes with a beautiful organic heart bubble cube candle that smells great. It's a great gift for tea fans and people who love candles. This herbal tea pack makes for a wonderful gift for your special someone to enjoy on February 14 and beyond.

Assortment of Fine Teas- Your Aromatic Bundle ( 40 Teabags & An Aromatic Candle)

This high-end set includes carefully chosen black and green teas in tea bags and a beautiful, fragrant organic heart bubble cube candle. Make your everyday special as you engage with your dearest. Imagine coming back home to a cup of green tea, an exquisite aroma across your home and a beautiful smile on your partner’s face. Sounds quite romantic, eh?

Ambrosial Tea Hamper - Your Wellness Bundle

This thoughtfully put together gift is a celebration of love, health, and the lovely smell of Indian teas.This beautiful basket has an organic heart bubble cube lavender scented candle and two lovely loose-leaf teas: Rose Glow and Kashmiri Kahwa. This Valentine's Day, let there be immense love as you celebrate the joy of your partnership by sharing your favorite beverage. While Rose Glow is a herbal tea, Kashmiri Kahwa tea is an immunity booster tea, making this festive tea pack the best of both worlds.

Grand Indulgence Tea Hamper- Your Glowing Bundle

People gift teas to show appreciation, respect, and kindness. Japanese people also often give tea as gifts at important events like weddings, births, and losses. Why not celebrate this special day of love with your special date with a steaming cup of tea? Wrap your loved one in the comfort of this thoughtfully put-together hamper, which is sure to charm with its beauty and radiance. This beautiful basket has a ball-shaped infuser, one lovely tea, Rose Glow, an organic bubble cube candle that smells great, and a double-walled cup.

Grand Indulgence Tea hamper - Your Calming Bundle

This charming gift box includes an exotic collection of Valentine day gift hamper including chamomile soothe, ball shaped infuser, heart bubble cube candle, and printed wooden coasters and a ceramic cup. Therefore, it is a wholesome package that is perfect for our date, who likes to keep things pretty low-key. Especially if your date is a tea enthusiast, then there could be nothing better than this grand gift set.

Apart from the valentine gift hampers at Octavius, you can also find chai masala, kadha, turmeric tea, mint tea, and other flavors of Indian tea.


A warm cup of tea makes us want to stop, enjoy the little things in life, and take a break. Because of this, gifts for tea enthusiasts continue to be a good idea. Tea is more than just a drink that makes you feel better; it's love in a cup. Bring together a perfectly put together table with evening snacks, aromatic candles and a cup of tea. And watch your Valentine date shower you with the love that you have been dreaming of. Explore the best choices for tea gifting at Octavius.

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