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We are excited to bring you exciting new arrivals at Octavius Tea. We believe that every sip of premium tea is an extraordinary experience, and hence our latest collection of fresh tea accessories and energy teas will transport you to tea paradise. Can you smell the aroma of freshly brewed green tea? We certainly do!

Our latest collection is filled with delightful accessories and refreshing teas to enhance your tea drinking moments and kickstart your day. From fresh tea strainers to infusers, these accessories are designed with high-quality metals. And the energy teas are premium products that will provide you with a natural boost of energy. Let’s explore the exciting new arrival at Octavius Tea.

Empress Brass Tea Strainer

Our regal golden brass tea strainer saves you from the hassle of the green tea leaves in your cup. The royal design and its simplicity in usage will enhance your tea brewing experience. Rest the strainer on the cup, pour boiling water over the loose tea.

The fine mesh prevents the infusion from being loaded with the debris of loose tea. What’s left behind is a flavorful cup of energy tea. If you want convenience and a regal experience, this strainer with a resting holder is a must in your premium tea accessories collection.

Ball Shaped Infuser with Long Push Handle

It is the ultimate steeping companion that effortlessly infuses your favorite loose leaf teas, such as lemon green tea, for a perfectly brewed cup every time. Crafted from high-grade brass, this infuser has a sturdy, long push handle and an extra-fine perforated mesh.

Its large size allows for optimal water flow, unlocking the full flavor of your favorite loose leaf digestive teas. Designed to fit in any cup, its retractable long handle simplifies the brewing process, while the 0.5 mm holes prevent tea debris from floating into your mug.

Heritage of India Tea Collection - Couples Delight (Premium Wellness Green Tea Range)

This herbal tea range will transport you to the enchanting land of spices and flavors. Indulge in the goodness of our premium antioxidant-rich whole leaf blends. Encased in a beautifully handcrafted, cutwork wooden box, this assortment is not just a treat for the taste buds but also makes a perfect gift for tea enthusiasts. The whole leaf pure green tea and cinnamon anise green tea are accompanied by two double-walled glasses.

Octavius Vintage Brass Tea Strainer with Long Handle

Experience the charm of our handcrafted vintage tea strainer made from high-quality brass. It provides a convenient and practical method for steeping loose tea, such as lemon honey green tea.

What tea flavors would you be picking this season? Whatever it might be, you can never go wrong with a tea gift!

Simply rest the strainer on your cup, add your desired loose tea, and pour boiling hot water over it. Within moments, this strainer effortlessly extracts the flavors of the tea leaves, ensuring a cup without any debris. After steeping, rest the strainer on the holder provided and relish a mess-free and flavorful tea experience. 

Indian Masala Chai Instant Premix

A tea lover’s collection is incomplete without an Indian masala tea, and what better than the desi tea from Octavius? It is a perfect blend of Indian spices and the best part it can be prepared anytime, anywhere as it comes in a premix sachets. Enjoy a rich and strong tea that is an alliance of sweet and spicy treats for the taste buds. Whether you want to curl up on a rainy day or want a cozy beverage during the winter, this energy tea is your companion.

Enjoy the warmth of cardamom tea and ginger tea in our new premium

tea collection. Whether you are a lover of herbal teas or a strong flavored black tea, we have something to embrace a tea lover’s heart.

Ayur Chai

Want to experience an exotic cup of black tea? Our Ayur chai is a premium blend of black tea with eight exotic herbs. Sip a cup of this fresh tea every day for a powerful immune system and instant relief from a nasty cold, cough or sore throat.

Did you know tea has multiple health benefits aside from giving you a kickstart to your day? It stimulates appetite, reduces gas, improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. This means that, along with a healthy inside, it gives you that perfect skin glow. Who doesn’t want beauty from the inside out?

So, “ek cup chai ho jaye?” Let’s have a cup of digestive tea!


We always bring you the finest, premium quality tea and accessories. So, we always ensure to come up with new accessories and tea blends to make our tea lovers lives easy and relaxing.

Shop our tea accessories for a seamless brewing experience, and enjoy those relaxing moments with your favorite energy tea. We are sure our Empress Brass Tea Strainer and Ball Shaped Infuser with a Long Push Handle will elevate your tea drinking journey.

Don’t wait any longer.