Mothers Day Special

Mother's Day Gifting

If there's one group of people who collectively adore making, serving and having tea, it's the moms in our families! They derive pure joy in brewing tea every single day and enjoying it with their loved ones. This applies to working moms, stay at home moms and every type of mom there is ! So it's only appropriate to get them there most favourite beverage this Mother's Day and get them all excited.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is round the corner and that means gift-giving in the most meaningful ways. While shopping for your tea-adoring mom, the gift collections from Octavius could be the perfect option. We have a wide array of tea blends, gift items, and tea collectibles for you to give thoughtful gifts to your mom and mom-like figures in your life. We're so sure that our bright and delicious teas will make any casual tea drinker into an enthusiastic one! Check out our tea - gifting guide below.


An elegant tea box containing some of the best flavours of tea such as English breakfast tea, Darjeeling, Lemon tea, Indian masala, Green tea, Cinnamon Anise. These teas are delicious and aromatic, thanks to the wonderful tea gardens they come from. Perfect gift for the tea connoisseur mom !


A hand picked range of five loose leaf wellness teas, for soothing the mind, helping with digestion, boosting immunity and other such health benefits. Thanks to the aromatic traditional ingredients such as mint, turmeric, tulsi, chamomile, rose which elevate the flavour profile while having many health benefits. The best tea for moms to help them take their first step in their wellness journey. These loose teas come in beautiful tin boxes, a double bonus!


Garden fresh natural loose leaf green tea with the goodness of dried florals which makes the tea delicious and flavorful. The healthy antioxidants give you the much needed energy boost for the day. Best for busy moms to start their day on the right note.


Moringa, Mint, Tulsi, Ginger - what's not to love about these caffeine free flavours. Our tisanes are made from high quality ingredients which are healthy as well as tasty. Ideal for the fitness enthusiast mom.


Now we all know that if there's someone who needs an immunity boost, it's the mom in the family. Immunity boosting teas are good for women and hence make thoughtful gifts.

Octavius has much more gifting options from delicious Indian heritage teas to tea time treasures and collectibles such as mugs, infusers and more. Have a thoughtful Mother's Day Gifting!