Tea Legends and Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Tea Legends and Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Well, we all love tea, especially in the rainy season when we want to snuggle up in our favorite cozy corner and sip on refreshing green tea or premium Assam tea. But have you ever wondered which legends introduced tea to all of us? No? Let us find out in this blog!

Over the years, we have also heard and may have come across some myths, and what’s better than busting those myths and uncovering the facts? This blog aims at exploring the myths about tea that have been around for years as well as the legends that introduced the most beloved drink of all.

Myths about Tea

In this section of the blog, let’s uncover some myths and try to understand the true nature and elements of the most beloved drink.

Myth 1: Tea is Dehydrating

The first myth about tea is that it is dehydrating. However, that’s not true. The water content that is used in your tea contributes to hydrating your entire body and helping you get through your day. You might hear people say that they need a cup of tea before starting their day. It’s because of the hydrating factor of the water content in your tea.

Myth 2: Tea has the same amount of caffeine as coffee

Another popular myth about tea is that it is high in caffeine. However, true tea lovers would be able to distinguish between these two drinks. Tea has less caffeine in it compared to coffee. This can also vary according to your brewing method, as different households prefer different methods.

Myth 3: Tea can cure all ailments

Tea can cure ailments and has some really good health benefits, but as one can’t have it all, your tea can also not cure all ailments. Tea can help you, offer some protection against cancer, and improve your immune system, which would enhance your chances of coping with illness, but it won’t keep the doctor away.

Hence, these are some of the most popular myths that you may come across, and as a consumer of tea, it’s also important for you to be informed about the facts and be able to distinguish between them.

Captivating Legends and Folklore about Tea

It’s important to get to know your beverage in its truest form and uncover interesting and captivating facts. Let’s look at some of them below.

The Samurai and Japanese Tea Ceremony

The samurai, which emerged in the 12th century, were the military nobility and warrior class of feudal Japan. The samurai were also skilled in various forms of combat and followed a strict code of conduct known as bushido, which emphasized honor, discipline, loyalty, and self-sacrifice.

They were also trained in various cultural pursuits such as poetry, literature, and the most famous tea ceremony, which is also connected with the Japanese tea ceremony. When we talk about the Japanese tea ceremony, it is a traditional Japanese ritual where they prepare and serve green tea.

The samurai and the Japanese tea ceremony are deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Though the samurais were into martial arts and military nobility, they also appreciated and practiced the Japanese tea ceremony as part of their cultural pursuits.

The Legend of Emperor Shen Nong

Emperor Shen Nong is known for discovering tea in China. He was a legendary figure in Chinese history and was also the father of traditional Chinese medicine and agriculture.

The king showed interest in plants and their medical properties. The tale is that one day he was traveling through the countryside when he stopped to rest for a while and boil a cup of water. That’s when some leaves from the nearby tree fell into his pot, and the water was said to acquire an aromatic flavor. (Sounds like the second version of Newton and the Apple, doesn't it?)

He then started studying its properties and believed that the tea had healing benefits when combined with different infusions.

Legend of the Origin of Tea in India

How can one not talk about India, where we have the ultimate chai lovers all around? Bodhidharma’s contribution to the discovery of tea has been an epic tale that has been passed down through the ages. It is said that the legend traveled from India to China in order to spread his teaching of Buddhism. He also discovered that the infusions used in tea had a healing impact on the mind and body, or rather, a stimulating effect, in his words.

As he was impressed by its properties, he introduced the practice of drinking tea among the monks of the Shaolin Temple and also used it as a means to enhance and promote wakefulness and meditation. It’s fascinating to see the similarities between these three legends, which led to the discovery of the most beloved beverage.


To summarize, we looked at the history of tea legends that contributed to bringing us the most beloved drink in their own ways through the discovery of various elements. We also looked at some famous myths about tea and debunked them. So the next time you want to feel energized, you know what drink to go for, and that could range from Assam tea to Darjeeling tea.

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