Specially assorted Valentine’s Day gifts for tea lovers

Specially assorted Valentine’s Day gifts for tea lovers

It’s about time to start planning for Valentine’s Day! Too soon? you might wonder, but it is never too early to start planning for the most warm and fuzzy day of the year. Afterall your loved one would truly appreciate it. Also, if you have tea-loving friends, then most assuredly, you have a fine taste my friend!

Here is a curated list of some of the most romantic flavours and tea gifts that you could ever find for the tea enthusiast in your life. Be it your mom, best friend or partner, this tea gift is sure to put the biggest smile on their face.

1. Desi Chai Hamper (Cardamom Instant Tea & Kullad set)

Let your loved one elevate their tea ritual with our Desi Chai Hamper. This elegant tea set with tea set which contains a flavourful cardamom instant chai with two earthen kullads that come in a vibrant package. Created as an homage to the age-old art of terracotta pottery and the evergreen love for tea, this gift is sure to tug at the heartstrings of the one you love!

2. Elixir Collection 4 Assorted Wellness Pyramid Teabags

Every tea drinker loves assorted teabags. Nothing beats the feeling of picking a teabag randomly and being surprised by the new flavour. Plus, it is so easy to steep and make a quick cup of tea. Octavius pyramid teabags are of premium quality and brew up a wonderful cup of tea that would be so close to the taste of a loose-leaf tea. If you have tea loving friends who always have their schedules packed then this assorted set of wellness pyramid teabags would be a thoughtful gift. The 4 flavours are Tulsi Delight, Kashmiri Kahwa, Rose Glow and Turmeric Spiced.

3. Ambrosial Tea Hamper (2 Wellness Teas & Organic Bubble candle)

Say you love and truly care to the lovely people in your life by gifting them this health-in-a-box kind of gift. Our Ambrosial Tea Hamper contains wellness teas that can detox, calm, aid digestion and boost immunity. The flavours are truly delectable and the beautiful organic bubble candle that comes with it is made of high-quality pure soy wax that is smoke free. The wellness teas go well with the lavender aroma and thus pair up for the perfect daily tea ritual.

4. Gourmet Tea Collection – Tea Time Munch

Some love tea while some love tea with a snack on the side. We always have your needs covered, tea loving friends! Well, this Valentine’s Day, here is the perfect way to impress your snack loving buddy. Octavius Gourmet Tea Collection comes with the refreshing flavour Kashmiri Kahwa and Paprika flavoured almonds. The packaging is so elegant that it does not require any kind of gift of wrapper. A sustainable and healthy gifting option indeed!

5. Gourmet Tea Collection – Uplifting Green Infusions

The most difficult thing to do is to find the perfect gift for a health-conscious friend. You don’t need to think twice before picking our Gourmet Tea collection which comes with 2 healthy herbal teas that are packed with antioxidants. Both flavours come in a dazzling tin can that spell b-e-s-t among tea gifts.

6. Connoisseurs Tea Collection - Indian Tea Assortment- Three Teas

A robust, strong bodied tea collection to delight your loved ones even more. The three flavours of assorted teas are garden fresh and well suited for tea connoisseurs. The delightful flavours are Nilgiri black tea, Assam Second Flush tea and Darjeeling White tea. Need we say more?

7. Assortment of Fine Teas- 60 Teabags in Cutwork Wooden Box

Do you have a friend who has an exquisite taste in everything they pick? Does everyone in your gang panic at the very thought of getting them a gift. If that is the case then here is a gift that you can choose with ease for your friends who love the finer things in life. Octavius fine teas come in a beautiful art work wooden box with wooden carvings. The black and green teas are of premium quality too! Two fine things that make the best Valentines gift.

8. Assortment of Fine Teas - 90 Teabags in Handcrafted Elephant Pattern Wooden Box

A fine tea collection, curated by tea experts for tea enthusiasts who love delightful tea flavours. The tea experts at Octavius went one step further and packed these premium teas in an elegant elephant patterned wooden box. A tea gift that will be a definite love at first sight!

9. Premium South Indian Filter Coffee in Kraft Box

Everyone has that one friend who exists to have the best south Indian filter coffee. They crib and cry that no one makes a good cup of coffee like their mother. Well, this is the best way to surprise them this Valentine’s Day, pick our premium South Indian Filter coffee which comes packed in a beautiful Kraft box and let the magic of our filter coffee do the rest.

10. Assortment of 3 Caffeine Free Tisanes - Festive Collection (Pure Chamomile, Tulsi Rose, Tulsi Moringa Mint)

What’s a better way to say you love someone than by getting them healthy as well as delicious teas. Our Caffeine-free tisanes are delicious infusions that pack a ton of health benefits. This is the best tea gift for people who you truly care about.

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