Make Your Best Day on Valentine’s Day with Tea

Make Your Best Day on Valentine’s Day with Tea

Come February, mother nature is enthralled with the spirit of union. The surroundings are overladen with the mood of togetherness that enhances the cozy feelings from tucking under the quilts or pashmina woollens. Yet, all we seek from nature is a dash of warmth from a hot brew. This brew is obviously best found in a cup of Tea. Valentine’s-day-tea-cups have increased servings for no fewer reasons.

Cup of Tea is idealized in the concept of love and caring.

In the early 1990s, Bengali singer Kabir Suman immortalized the concept of Tea drinking in his famous song, which gave rise later to the modern Bengali songs so different from the Romantic songs of yesteryears. The music, if transliterated, says, "In a cup of tea, I want you with me," and goes on to the height of ultra-romanticism. Nothing can compete with a cup of Tea, whether in romance, politics, or forging the best creative ideas. But now is the time to celebrate with your Valentine, so we speak only of Tea and love, compassion and togetherness. So be inspired to summon your loved one or the near ones and enjoy the companionship over a cup of Tea.

Enjoy your Tea after a long drive on Valentine's Day

How do you enjoy your Tea with your Valentine? Need help with ideas? No, do not say so. The more you keep it spontaneous and heartful, the more you are sure to win over your Valentine’s craze for you. But we put here some ideas so that you pick up your own. Of course, you can punch it also and make your own cocktail mode of enjoying your Tea with your Valentine from these tips.

Imagine how beautiful is the spring atmosphere. With blossoms springing from here and there, and if you move past some well-kept gardens, you will find lovely roses too. The chirping of cuckoos and the Bulbul make it more mesmerizing. So why not drive on the country road, and after some miles, when both of your minds are purported into the land of your dreams, take a halt and park near a wayside chai stall. Sit there for some time and with some hot snacks take a glass of hot Tea with milk. Usually, in such instances, I request the stall owner to pour in some extra milk in the tea glass to make it an enervating "tea-o-latte".

One such Valentine's Day in the early morning, we were returning from the Himachal. The road was foggy, and the cold was biting. We halted at a wayside tea stall and ordered our glasses with an extra dash of milk. The cold was so chilling that soon I found my Valentine shaking on his feet despite the full woollen pullovers. The same applied to me too. The chaiwallah, a veteran at such instances, asked us to roll our tea glasses between our palms while sipping from it. We did the same. As the mirrors moved within the palms, the warmth energized our bodies. The aroma of the milk tea was influential as it was Assam Black Tea, and slowly this smell increased the circulations in our body as it passed through our nostrils which had been so far numbed with cold. That was one Valentine's Day when I realized more about the wonder of hot milk tea.

For your unique Valentine, the Darjeeling Tea is strained with expertise.

If your date with your Valentine is once in a blue moon, I suggest not compromising to make the experience enticing. Instead, call him or her and serve the best quality Darjeeling Tea. You can get the Connoisseurs Tea Collection from Octavius. The collection has Premium Darjeeling Tea of three types. You get the whole-leaf Darjeeling White tea, Darjeeling Second Flush Black tea, and Darjeeling Autumn Flush black tea together in the collection box. Just choose any and get some snacks and pastries and munch slowly while talking to your beloved. Share your stories, how you are doing now, your dreams, and your plans with him or her. Strain well the leaves well in hot water to get good aroma and taste.

The best way to enjoy these tea leaves is to take them plain with or without sugar, and without milk. For those who like sweetener but avoid calories, sugar-free does the round. While the beloved sips tea from the cup, put the Valentine's Day greetings card or just a hand-written note on the table. You may quote "In a cup of tea I want you with me". I am sure better rhymes with Tea will come to you. After all, companionship sparks creativity. Put the card in front of a cup of Tea, and, if possible, a blossom of rose with it too. Your Valentine is sure to remember this gesture throughout life.

Does your Valentine prefer spices in life?

After all, you must know the choice of your loved one better than the others. How is the person? Does he or she enjoy a dash of spice in everything he does or gets? If so, Masala Chai or spice tea is the best choice for the person. He must prefer Tea with a tinge of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, etc.

Serving the Masala Tea:

  • Just serve the hot brew with sugar or sugar-free.
  • Serve it with added milk make a brew that is great to taste and smell.

Whatever way you serve it, Masala chai is excellent to taste. What you need is to follow the right-making process. Perfect steeping and serving according to individual taste make the tea more likeable for all.

For Tender hearted ones, try the Tea with Fruit Juices.

This process of taking Tea is healthy and a great one to please your taste buds. Adding the juices always makes the Tea aromatic and piquant. You will never forget the taste of one glass of Juice-tea if correctly served. You can opt to take Tea with fruit juices without ice if you have a tendency to catch cold. The lovely taste will keep your companion hooked to the preference of such a drink and surely etch your place in his mind.

Tea for your Health-Freak Valentine.

If your Valentine is a health freak, you will surely avoid the idea of having Tea outside. So instead, call him over a cup of Tea in the comfort of your home. Keep a pouch of Octavius Turmeric Tea in pyramid tea bag ready to win over him. Let him come and sit comfortably. Bring in your pot of warm water, sweetener or honey and turmeric spiced tea arranged on a tea tray with assorted cookies that he likes.

Pour the warm water into the cup. Dip a tea bag and sprinkle the sweetener on the cup. Stir on with a spoon, tinkling in the cup of the bone china. Look at him for a minute, and before serving, say, "Happy Valentine's Day." Wah! What a shot! You have let loose the tempest in his heart for sure.

Take Care of the Valentine's Flu!

When does the flu catch? February is the season of change. So cold and flu goes together and take us off-guard. Get a few Kadha Premix sachets and call your Valentine to talk over Tea. This can be had as plain brew or with milk. As an added gesture, gift him a brand-new muffler to take care of the cold. Ask him to sip slowly, feeling the warmth in his throat. While parting on Valentine's eve, remember to pack the left-over tea sachets in his bag. Care is always remembered well and appreciated. Octavius Kadha Premix Tea sachets can be a great gift to your Valentine.

Valentine's Day reminds of the bondage and care – Octavius Tea does it best.

Valentine's Day is the Day celebrating the bondage of souls. Reminding you that you are cared for. It also conveys that you care and love. This is best expressed with a cup of Octavius Tea which goes for quality, flavour, liquor and elan. Whether you call your valentine to enjoy the tea cup with you or gift him the tea box, tea will surely make you remembered well. Happy Tea Time!

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