Lohri Wellness Hamper: Tea Blends for a Healthy New Year

Lohri Wellness Hamper: Tea Blends for a Healthy New Year

Lohri is one of the most joyous and happy days in our country, especially in North India. With festivities just around the corner, everyone is in the giving spirit. We are sure that you and your family are ready to wear new clothes, sing folk songs and dance around the bonfire as you welcome the new year.

The beautiful festival is celebrated to indicate the arrival of the harvest season in Punjab. Lohri is a celebration of the harvest of the rabi crops. People come together to worship the sun and the fire and express gratitude for a good harvest.

If you need some festive gift ideas for a Lohri gift hamper, we are here for you! We bring you a range of tea gift boxes that will make your celebrations much bigger.

1. Immunity Combo (Loose Teas And Infuser)

Enjoy the health benefits of these herbal immunity loose teas, which are full of vitamins and other healthy elements. These blends, which are used to make healthy and refreshing teas, are known to be good for you and have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. This set comes with Tulsi kadha, Tulsi ginger, Tulsi licorice, and a ball-shaped infuser for brewing loose leaf teas. It allows you to relish the flavour of loose leaf tea without any mess. Perfect for the winter season, the immunity booster tea keeps you healthy and happy!

2. 3 In 1 Instant Premix - Indian Masala, Cardamom & Ginger 20 Sachets

The goodness of Indian masala can now be part of your daily routine. Do you ask how? This chai masala with the refreshing flavour of cardamom and the healing of ginger can easily be added to your breakfast. The simple way is to add this instant premix to your morning tea. This gift, packed in the Lohri gift hamper, can bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces.

3. Tulsi Sweet Rose Chamomile Herbal Tea in Elephant Print Wooden Box (Caffeine Free)

Enjoy the health benefits of Tulsi Sweet Rose Chamomile herbal tea, which comes in a traditional wooden box with an elephant print. This box with a herbal blend of flowers and herbs is a great present for the vibrant Lohri celebration. This mix is known to be good for you and has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to heal people.

4. Tea Essentials-Floral Wellness (2 Wellness Green Tea Blends)

These healthy, low-caffeine green tea infusion teas are carefully blended with garden-fresh natural loose leaf green tea with natural dried jasmine flowers and exotic spices like cinnamon and star anise. This festive gift pack has everything you need, making it the perfect present for anyone who loves tea. The green tea gift set brings the goodness of flowers to your daily routine and keeps you and your family healthy and happy.

5. Indian Tea Collection - Premium Black Whole Leaf Teas In Handcrafted Sheesham Wood Box

This fine selection of garden-fresh, natural Indian black teas in loose leaf form comes from India's best tea-growing areas. This set of whole leaf Darjeeling and Assam teas, presented in a handcrafted wooden box, makes a great gift for tea fans and tea connoisseurs. The exotic fragrance of Darjeeling tea and Assam tea, along with the handcrafted sheesham wooden box, is perfect for the Lohri gift hamper.

6. Grand Indulgence Tea Hamper - Festive Assortment

This luxurious hamper is a great holiday gift, full of handmade wellness tea and fine tea accessories. Elevate your tea drinking experience with beautiful teaware, a foreign tea that smells great, and an owl-shaped candle that fills the room with a pleasant scent. This festive gift is great for yourself or someone you care about on any festival, like Lohri or simply to relax, enjoy, and rest.

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