How to Make the Perfect Cup of White Tea?

How to Make the Perfect Cup of White Tea?

White tea is an exquisite variety of tea which has a delicate flavor. It is minimally processed with limited production and has low oxidation levels compared to its other tea cousins. This is why it is considered as a high-grade tea. The tea buds are plump and covered in white hair, therefore the name – white tea. It is low in caffeine and when brewed properly, releases a great flavor and taste. All these attributes make it one of the most sought over tea varieties in the world.

Brewing white tea requires a ceremonial approach and is quite the magical experience. Because white tea is limited edition in the tea world, it is essential to take utmost care while brewing. A cup of white tea that is brewed in the proper way can be pale yellow to slight orange in color and the taste profile is sweet, mellow with a refreshing palate. The tea has a cooling effect over your body and helps in detoxification. It also some great medicinal effects so much so that it is used as a remedy for measles in China. So, here’s how you make the perfect cup of white tea:

Heat the water, not boil

  • A high-grade tea requires fresh water to bring out the best flavor profile. Filtered or spring water is thus recommended
  • Heat the water just short of boiling as roll boiled water can cook up the leaves and alter the flavor

  • Measure one tea bag or one teaspoon of loose white tea leaves for approximately 180ml of water.

Steep away

  • Pour the measured amount of warm water from the kettle on to the tea in the pot and steep up to 60 seconds. Tea leaves may require up to 3 mins of steeping.

Your perfect cup of tea

  • Strain the tea leaves or remove the tea bag from the tea pot and pour the steaming cup of tea into your favorite cup and allow it to cool
  • Have a sip and enjoy the flavors as they cleanse your palate and fill you with a range of complex  and delicate flavors that is so true to white tea alone!

Tea connoisseurs adore white tea that many are willing to pay hundreds of dollars on some rare varieties. White tea is a delicacy in the tea world so if you ever lay your hands on one, be sure to store and brew it properly!

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