How Drinking Tea Can keep you Healthy

How Drinking Tea Can keep you Healthy

Tea, ah, the very word stirs up emotions of the comfort of home, the warmth of a mother and evenings of endless dialogues. As much as it evokes a plethora of feelings, it also has tangible health benefits. From helping you sleep better to lowering bad cholesterol, the benefits of tea can go on and on. Each tea is unique and can help you in its own special way. Brew and drink it or just apply the extracts on your skin, either way it works like magic! Here are some great pointers on why a cup of tea or two is good for you.

1. Tea is antioxidant rich

Drinking tea goes beyond refreshment, it can prevent the effects of aging. The beneficial antioxidants in tea such as catechins can limit the damage that is caused by free radicals, thus fighting the signs of aging. The antioxidants also boost work out endurance which means it improves the ability of body to burn fat. 

2. Tea has less caffeine

Tea has approximately 50% less caffeine than what is found in coffee. Herbal teas on the other hand are free of caffeine. You can thus enjoy this beverage everyday without getting your nervous system on a high. 

3. Tea may assist with weight loss

Recent study states that individuals who consume hot tea regularly have found to reduce waist circumference and lower their BMI much easily than the rest.

4. Tea can help you smile better

Tea intake affects the pH balance in your mouth and it could be a reason to prevent cavities, says a recent study in Japan. Tea unlike other beverages does not cause erosion of tooth enamel.

5. Tea may improve immunity

Tea has the ability to fine tune immune cells so they achieve their targets quickly. This has been proven with herbal tea such as Tulsi which keeps immune system strong and helps the body to spring back after sickness.

6. Tea is calorie free

Unadulterated tea is calorie free thus making it a great beverage for daily consumption. Adding a stick of cinnamon or a piece of ginger pumps up the flavor making it a versatile drink.

7. Tea can make your skin healthy

White tea is more antioxidant rich than green tea as the catechin content is high. It is antibacterial in nature and can thus fight several skin conditions. It slows down the decrease of collagen and elastin which makes the skin look healthy.

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