Health Benefits of drinking Tea in the morning

Health Benefits of drinking Tea in the morning

It might be a “brewed” awakening, but it’s a good thing to have tea in the morning! Well, for starters, nothing wakes you up and gets you all charged up like a hot cup of aromatic tea. Listed here are some health benefits of having a morning cup of tea. This is for all those who reserve tea for the evenings and if you already are a morning tea type of person, scroll down and read up on all the good things it does to you!

Charges you up for the day

An uplifting cup of robust and flavourful tea is all you need to start your day without any jitters. It is the best way to get over that morning fog and seamlessly transition to the busy-busy day that waits for you. The earthiness of the tea keeps you grounded while the fresh aroma can lift you up and carry you over the brand-new day that awaits.

Boosts Metabolism

With lesser caffeine levels and more anti-oxidants, tea can boost your body’s metabolism. This is one of the reasons why green tea is suggested for weight loss as well. It is also a good way to keep yourself hydrated. A key component in tea is something called as catechins which is a type of flavonoid. This component improves burning of calories which means you use up more energy.

After workout beverage

You sign up for gym, work out religiously but end up in muscle sores? Even though it’s a rewarding work, all you need is tea to help your body recover and repair the damaged cells. Faster muscle recovery, this is what tea can do to your body. So, check out the best tea you can have, be it green tea or herbal and have a great workout day!

Relief for Intestinal Inflammation

Tea contains tannins which is anti-inflammatory in nature. This is especially good for people who suffer from what is known as the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Black teas are known to relieve the gut. Other teas that are good are Turmeric tea, ginger tea, fennel tea and ginger mint tea. These are easy to brew and drink and are also extremely delicious.

Good for gut microbiome

Tea is a friend for the gut microbiome. Green tea helps with increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the gut while black tea can improve the diversity. The gut microbiome is made up of trillions of micro-organisms that are working together keep the gut healthy. It is essential to maintain the diversity and complexity of the microorganisms to stay healthy and have low disease susceptibility.

Lowers Stress

“Are you okay? Have a cup of tea”, is not just a frequent movie dialogue but also a true statement. Every tea drinker can vouch for that. The science behind it is that the aroma from the tea provides a calming relief via the senses. Tea contains the amino acid called as L-Theanine which can significantly reduce stress and soothe the mind. Studies also show that it reduces cortisol levels that helps you stay calm as well as alert.

Boosts Brain Function

Tea with the right mix of L-Theanine and Caffeine can effectively boost brain function. It could be green tea or any other tea you love, it can do a good job at it. Caffeine can increase the dopamine levels in your body while L-Theanine could increase alpha waves, improving focus as well as memory.

Natural Antibiotic

Tea is a natural antibiotic as it is full of antioxidants. Your mornings deserve a pump in anti-oxidants, which is why it is great to include a cup as part of your morning routine.

Right for every individual Every person has a different A.M approach – some wake up and plunge right into their day while some have a calming ritual to set up the tone for the rest of the day, either way, tea can be incorporated seamlessly into the morning routine.

If you are an early bird, a good herbal blend can energize you and also give you stamina for a long day. If you prefer a non-caffeinated drink in the mornings then any floral fusion can do the trick. A morning meditator could go for Matcha, Earl Grey to help you start your journal or meditation.

And, if you are the night owl who never gets to see the break of dawn, a blend of ginger, turmeric or a masala chai can give you the wake-up call that you so need and transition you to a productive work day!

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