Enjoy family happy moments with a cup of Tea

Enjoy family happy moments with a cup of Tea

Tea brings together people. Can you think of the one time when the entire family slipped into the living room all at once? It’s tea time of course! The aroma of ginger tea wafts through every corner of the home as an invitation for a time of community and bonding. Tea is best enjoyed hot, so there’s no way anyone would drop by late. Now who wants to reheat their tea! Tea time is the perfect opportunity to enjoy time with your family, so make the most of it.

Here's how you can create happy moments with your family centred around tea time.

1. Games and Tea

There’s no better time to bond with family with a game of ludo or chess than tea time. It’s the most ideal time when the family members begin to wind down their work or return home from their workplace. A soothing tea and a board game is the ultimate combination to take a break and also connect with the people in your home. So, take out your favourite games and lay them out in your living room and don’t forget to make tea!

2. Tune with Tea

Too tired to go out for a walk? Feeling like you want a break from all those office calls? Fret not, Tea, tunes and family are the antidote to your stressful day. Plop yourself down in your favourite corner, turn up the volume to your most-played playlist and jam with your family with a cup of tea.

3. Movie-cum-Tea Time

A short movie or a documentary with your family as you sip on your favourite tea can easily become your weekend routine. Pop some popcorn, brew up piping hot tea for the entire family, turn on your tv and you can Netflix and chill! Who said movies are only for Friday nights?

4. Tea Cocktails for a leisurely evening

Not everyone in your family loves hot beverages? Tea cocktail to the rescue. Here’s an easy recipe for ginger lemon tea cocktail. Take a cup of your favourite tea, add in an inch of ginger tea, juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of matcha. Shake it with some ice cubes and your tea cocktail is ready!

5. Tea Party

Tea parties need not be just for guests. You can enjoy it with your own family too. Whip up some cupcakes, scones or any family-favourite snacks and enjoy it with Earl Grey Tea. Take out your fancy cups and plates to make it even more fun. Family deserves a bit of fancy too, right?

The possibilities to enjoy tea time are endless, so make the best of it with your family. Happy tea time!

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