Best Winter Gift Basket Ideas for Health Enthusiasts

Best Winter Gift Basket Ideas for Health Enthusiasts

The winter season is here and we all know what it means. Yes, you guessed it right! We are heading towards family get-togethers, celebrations, sweets, warm hugs and of course, special gifts.

This is your chance to start the winter season and the new year on a high with a specially curated edit of winter gift basket ideas. Be it tea gifting, or healthy gift boxes, Octavius is here to cater to all your needs.

Enjoy Winter With Exclusive Gift Boxes

Let the new season usher in all that is new and promising. To make things even better, give your loved ones healthy gifts this season. Your search for useful winter gifts comes to an end with our list, which includes both healthy and unique ideas.

So go ahead and choose something lovely for your loved ones.

Desi Chai Hamper

Who doesn’t love to start their morning with a sip of kadak chai? A desi chai hamper is all you need to make your loved ones feel homely and cozy while the chilly winds trouble them.

At Octavius, we present to you a tea gift box for daily tea rituals that comprises instant masala chai and a set of earthen kullads packed in an artistic wooden box. Enjoy the tea drinking experience in the desi style!

Enjoy Winter With Exclusive Gift Boxes

As is the case with any season, meals at home are incomplete without tasteful flavours. Relish the goodness of exotic, sweet-flavored almonds containing healthy antioxidants and flavours. A powerhouse of nutrition, almonds are the perfect healthy gift for your loved ones.

Octavius’ flavoured almonds are sure to win over your guests with their well-coated and crunchy texture that creates a balanced mixture of condiments. Our pack contains Mint, Chocolate, Caramel and Paprika flavoured almonds, made with delectable natural spices and flavouring.

Tea Time Munch Gift Pack

Tea time is incomplete without some delectable munches. What could be better for teatime munching than a healthy snack like flavoured almonds? This is your chance to upgrade the tea gifting experience with Octavius’ tea gift hampers.

A winter gift box containing tea in pyramid tea bags and deliciously flavoured almonds is perfect for any health enthusiast. Doesn’t it sound like the best combination of mindful snacking to offer to friends and family?

Wellness Tea Hamper

Sipping a glass of tea is always a treat, whether you're just waking up or looking for a way to unwind in the evening. And the experience extends far beyond the brewed beverage. It's the whole thing, from the sound of the boiling water to the clink of the spoon against the ceramic walls of a teacup and of course, the presentation — tea enthusiasts cannot compromise on their tea drinking experience.

To help you beat the cold, Octavius brings to you a variety of brews, from loose-leaf to herbal teas, with grand and exclusive packaging. Our wellness tea hamper gift set includes elegant teawares, a relaxing exotic tea, and an aromatic lavender bubble candle to make your loved ones feel extra special.

Indian Spice Collection

Winters are incomplete without a dash of tradition, and what better represents our vast culture than our exotic spices? A special Indian spices gift box will be highly appreciated by your guests. Make the season extra special for them by gifting them a rich and aromatic experience of Indian cooking.

Our spice box contains the finest hand-picked spices from the spice plantation of South India. They can be used as a whole or ground into masala to add relishing flavour to your festive dishes. Welcome bold and assertive flavours to your life!

Gourmet Tea Collection

We're convinced that many of your family and friends enjoy tea or coffee. Why not make them happy this Diwali by giving them coffee or tea gift hampers? After all, nothing reminds us of desi winters, more than a steaming cup of ‘kulhad wali chai.’ And if you’re already looking for exotic tea gift sets, then your search ends here.

The teas that we’ve grown up with and love to drink such as Indian Masala Chai and Tulsi Green Tea are now packed in special packaging to elevate the experience of tea gifting. These beautiful blends are known for their health benefits and have been part of our ancient traditions and practices of healing for hundreds of years in Ayurveda.

Immunity Tea Pack

We all need a heavy dose of herbs and spices to keep infections and colds at bay. Well, the best way to boost immunity during winter is by sipping on herbal tea.

Kashmiri Kahwa, Tulsi, and Spiced Turmeric — the flavours that are loaded with healthy antioxidants and mouth-watering flavours. The assortment serves as a perfect tea gift pack for health enthusiasts, tea lovers and those who need to give their immunity a boost!

Festive Green Teas

Winters call for sweets and delicious food but it is equally important to shed all that extra weight. To help your loved ones indulge in guilt-free binging, you can gift them healthy brews of green tea — to help them get rid of those extra marshmallows that they ate.

We offer expertly curated blends of garden fresh loose leaf green tea infused with organic dried Rose Petals and exotic spices to create healthy wellness brews at Octavius. Healthy tea gift boxes made for premium gifting options for every and any occasion.

So, wait no more and explore our winter gift range now.

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