7 unique gift ideas for tea lovers

Octavius tea gift Set

One gift to help them brew,
One gift to keep them warm,
One gift to try something new,
And 4 different flavours to surprise them!

Here’s your little guide to gift tea lovers. Tea enthusiasts love anything that has got to do with tea! What if you could gift them the entire package? They will adore you even more. We have put together the ultimate gifting solution for the tea lovers in your family. It has everything from tea utensils to scintillating flavours of tea that is bound to surprise the recipient.

    1. 1. One gift to help them brew

      What’s a tea gift without a beautiful kettle or a strainer? If you want to get tea devotees to shriek in delight then you must include one of these items.

      Automatic Tea Brewer

      Some love to brew their tea calmly and patience, however some like to get right to their tea in a jiffy. Eliminate the guesswork out of brewing by getting them an automated tea brewer. The brewer can dispense fresh boiling tea in minutes! Sometimes faster could be better.

      Honey spoons

      Honey spoons also referred to as Honey sticks are natural and edible honey in the form of dissolvable sticks or spoons. You just have to stir the hot tea with these spoons to enjoy a delicious drink. Tea and honey complement each other well. Honey spoons look so charming but also make a cup of tea delicious quickly without the hassle of taking honey from a honey jar.

      Tea steeper

      A good steeper is convenient and quick. Just add loose leaf tea and pour boiling water over it and voila you have a piping hot cup of fresh tea!

      Classic Kettle

      Tea kettles are dreamy accompaniments to a kitchen. Get a bold colored kettle for the tea lover you know so they can add more charm and style to their home. It will also serve a reminder of the beverage that they so love.

    1. 2. One gift to keep them warm

      What is the best thing about tea? It warms your soul as much as it warms your body! Here are some delicious warming blends that are sure to wow the tea folks.

      Turmeric Ginger Tea

      A revitalizing blend that can warm one’s insides – this tea has an earthy taste with refreshing undertones.

      Cinnamon Tea

      A full-bodied cinnamon tea has spicy, warm notes with a sweet aroma of cinnamon. This is an earthy and fruity flavour that everyone will come to love.

      Masala Chai

      Nothing beats the warmth of Masala chai. It is the king of teas quite literally – thanks to the fresh Indian spices and sweet taste of milk and sugar. Masala Tea is a wonderful accompaniment to any assortment of tea gifts.

    1. 3. One gift to try something new

      Tea enthusiasts are known to love their tea but some stick to the flavours that they are comfortable with. Let them explore some new teas that they might never have tried before. Here are some exotic teas that make a wonderful gift.

      Bubble Tea

      Bubble tea originates from Taiwan. Tapioca balls are blended with a tea and milk base to form a cold slushy like tea commonly referred to as the Bubble tea. Bubble tea is available in many fruit flavours and it is usually topped with jelly or shaved ice.

      Silver Needle White Tea

      Silver Needle is a variety of white tea that is considered as luxurious. It is a variety of white tea that has sweet and vegetal notes. It is a delicate beverage that must be quickly brewed and consumed. Silver needle tea is a premium tea that is harvested from young tea bushes present at a height of five thousand feet above the sea level.


      Mate is South American tea that comes from the Yerba Mate plant. It is an exotic tea which is filled with many health benefits such as better blood circulation and dental health.

    1. 4. different flavours to surprise them

      Some love a warm beverage of delicious black tea while some enjoy a refreshing glass of green tea. Doesn’t matter where the tea lover falls on the scale, these four types of teas will make anyone want to take an extra sip.

      5. A flavour to indulge in

      Pick a flavour that the tea enthusiast can sip and indulge in – from luscious lavender to soothing lemon balm, there are endless flavours one could try for a relaxing evening drink.

      6. An immune boosting tea

      An immune booster is a must have for tea lovers – turmeric tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, lemon tea etc can be bought as a sampler pack and gifted.

      7. An Herbal Tea

      Herbal teas are healthy as well as delicious. Chamomile tea, Hibiscus tea, Peppermint tea, Rooibos Tea, Sage Tea, Tulsi Tea, Passion flower tea, Butterfly pea tea are some herbal teas that would make a lovely gift.

      8. A floral tea

      Aromatic, soothing and delicious, Floral teas can make any tea lover go weak at their knees. Some interesting floral tisanes one could try are Rose tea, Jasmine tea, Lavender tea, Hibiscus tea etc.

      This is the short yet sweet tea gifting guide that you could ever come across! So go ahead and splurge on your tea loving friends. It’s worth it!

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