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Teas For PCOS in Teabags

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    Assortment of herbal teas to help in PCOS reversal

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    Herbal teas are gaining popularity and a number of scientific studies vouch for their medicinal properties. A cup or two of some healthy teas that are made with the combination of spices, herbs, flowers or dried fruits could be quite beneficial in many health conditions. Besides other health benefits herbal teas are also effective in certain hormonal disorders like PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome. While PCOS can't be treated, by making a number of lifestyle changes that involves healthy eating, quality sleep and exercise or breathwork, it can be managed or reversed. Herbal teas too can help in PCOS reversal. This herbal assortment consists of mint green tea, chamomile green tea, cinnamon anise green tea and white tea. Here, mint green tea and Chamomile green tea are loose leaves individually packaged in a pyramid-shaped nylon tea bag to give you the full loose leaf flavor experience without any mess. The third variant, cinnamon anise green tea is in regular teabag and white tea is in loose leaf form.

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    What’s inside?

    Mint Green Tea

    (20 Pyramid Tea Bags)
    An expertly curated herbal blend of garden fresh natural loose leaf green tea with natural dried mint leaves. This blend when steeped creates a perfect rejuvenating and energizing calorie-free brew with a myriad of health benefits. Pyramid tea bags give a loose leaf tea experience with the convenience of individually sealed teabags without any mess.

    Cinnamon Anise Green Tea

    30 Enveloped Teabags
    A pure blend of green tea lightly spiced in perfect proportions with pieces of natural cinnamon and star anise will surely tranquilize and pacify you to a calm and relaxing mood. This brew weaves magic in every corner of your soul with fragrance, warmth, and sweetness.

    Chamomile Green Tea

    (20 Pyramid Teabags)

    This tea is a relaxing and rejuvenating blend of loose leaf green tea and yellow chamomile flowers producing a fragrant floral brew highly regarded for its soothing and therapeutic effects. Chamomile has a good reputation for its calming and soothing properties and combined with green tea offers a unique flavor and wellness profile.

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