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2 in 1 Instant Premix - Ginger Chai and Coffee 50 Sachets (Economy Pack)

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    Well-crafted instant premixes , made from natural extracts.

    Energizing Refreshing


    Instant premix



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    Product Dimension: L-26cm x W-15.3cm x H-14cm
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    Octavius Ginger instant premix tea makes the perfect cup of Indian homemade ginger chai popularly called Adrak chai. This on-the-go instant hot chai premix is made with natural tea extract and natural extracts of ginger. Octavius instant coffee premix gives you an authentic coffee drinking experience with an exquisite aroma and flavor, just like the brew prepared from freshly roasted coffee beans.


    • Enjoy our premix range any time of the day in all seasons as it is.
    • Great for work, travel, and home.
    • Makes your brew in no time-Simply add hot water to the premix and enjoy your favourite brew.
    • Convenient single-serve sachets-No need to measure as one sachet makes one serving.
    • Easy to carry-Individual packages make it easy to carry.
    • Convenient- All you need is hot water, your premix sachet, a cup, and a stirrer to prepare your favourite brew anytime, anywhere.


    Authentic Indian sweet & spicy aroma & exquisite aroma of coffee.

    Tasting Notes

    The spicy flavor of ginger blended with the brisk flavor of tea adds extra warmth to your favorite tea & authentic coffee drinking experience with an exquisite aroma and flavor.


    Moderately milky and deeply coloured.

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    What’s inside?


    25 sachets
    An aromatic and distinctive premix brew with the perfect flavour of ginger .This refreshing tea tastes like the famous Indian homemade adrak (ginger) chai with milk and ginger.


    25 sachets
    Our veteran coffee taste masters have prepared this premix blend to offer you a superior tasting, satisfying and authentic cup of coffee with exquisite flavor and aroma.

    how to steep instant premix

    Take 1 sachet of Tea Premix

    Empty contents in a cup

    Add 100-120ml hot water

    Stir well

    Serve hot