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Connoisseurs Tea Collection - Darjeeling Premium - Three Teas

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    Relish the goodness of exquisite garden fresh whole leaf teas from the district of Darjeeling in the Himalayan foothills, Perfect for tea connoisseurs and tea lovers, this assortment of whole leaf Darjeeling White tea, Darjeeling Second Flush Black tea, and Darjeeling Autumn Flush black tea packed in a festive box, serves as a premium gift option.

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    50 grams
    Highly regarded for its health benefits, this tea comes from the high altitutes of Darjeeling It is the most premium tea which makes a very delicate and mild brew. It is minimally processed and hence retains huge amount of antioxidants and very less amount of caffeine. It is made from carefully handpicked silver buds and young leaves which have been steamed and sundried.


    100 grams
    A premium tea from the Darjeeling crop, between early summer throughout the monsoon, known as second flush. This tea is meant for those who appreciate the innate, fine strength of Darjeeling black tea, along with a sweet touch of muscatel, a purplish bloom & a fruity taste, truly a connoisseur's delight. This second harvest smooth & strong cup of tea is best enjoyed without milk.


    100 grams
    A premium tea from Darjeeling crop, the last of the year which begins by the end of October. Brews a well balanced, sweet, smooth, fruity, floral as well as a full bodied, robust cup of tea though much lower than Assam teas. The rounded flavors & smoothness in the mouth, slightly sweet under notes & mellowness make it the most readily palatable of all Darjeeling teas and a personal favourite of discerning tea drinkers. The balanced sweetness, smoothness & fruity & floral notes of the cup are in complete harmony making it a well balanced cup. This Autumn third harvest tea is a rare tea as it is the shortest of the harvests lasting only 30 days.