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Digestive Combo (Loose Teas And Infuser)

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    Uplifting herbal blends great to soothe your tummy and cleanse your palate

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    A daily intake of digestive tea can help regulate your sleep cycle, eliminate gas or bloating, strengthen your immune system, and improve the texture of your skin. If you are looking to resolve issues with your digestive system, a hot cup of digestive tea can do wonders.This assortment consists of two varieties of digestive teas and an infuser to brew the loose teas with convenience. The teas are made with a mix of natural ingredients that help keep the digestive tract healthy.

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    What’s inside?

    Tummy Soother Green Tea Loose Leaf In Kraft Box

    100 Gms
    Long, tightly-rolled, mix of dark and bright green tea leaves with mint leaves, lemongrass & ginger makes a herbaceous delight of hand-picked ingredients to soothe your tummy and cleanse your palate. An uplifting tea for your everyday life that also strengthens your digestive system. Has a minty and lemony flavor with a spicy finish. Enjoyable both as a hot and cold beverage, it is a great addition to your weight loss journey. The loose leaves are vacuum packed to give you the freshest loose leaf flavour experience and to preserve the flavor, fragrance & color of the fresh loose leaves, resulting in an appetizing cup of tea.

    Tulsi Chamomile Fennel Green Tea Loose Leaf

    75 Gms Tin Can
    An expertly curated herbal blend of garden fresh natural loose leaf green tea with natural dried Tulsi leaves, Chamomile flowers, and fennel seeds. This healing and calming blend makes for an extremely refreshing, soothing, and aromatic cup of tea.

    Ball Shaped Tea Infuser with Extended Chain

    Ball shaped loose leaf tea Infuser , made of high grade stainless steel extra-fine perforated mesh, with a sturdy clamp & a chain with a hook at one end. Perfect & practical medium to steep loose leaf teas, which expand & need a lot of room for steeping. Large enough to allow optimal water flow to ensure best flavor. Lock easily clamps tight to keep tea secure. Chain helps to suspend the infuser into the cup.Designed to fit in any cup. Tea ball quickly unlocks the flavors of large, medium or fine tea leaf without leaching debris into your cup


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