Loose Tea

Whole leaf teas or loose teas are the unbroken or partially cut leaves containing extra essential oils which enhance the taste of tea. Allowing better extraction of flavour, aroma and nutrients the tea makes a healthier brew with a more amplified taste

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Tea is one of the most popular beverages among the masses. Organic teas and teas blended with natural herbs and spices have been much loved since ancient times. Now, you have the opportunity to give a tea gift set to your health-conscious friends with premium herbal tea.
Savour the goodness of aromatic and fresh loose leaf green tea with natural dried flowers, herbs, etc., resulting in exquisite flavours. Our exclusive tea hampers are filled with premium loose tea with an antioxidant burst. Whether it’s masala chai or a herbal tea bag, there’s something for all tea lovers at Octavius.

The Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea

Geen, black, and a variety of different tea types have distinct advantages. If you've ever hesitated to join the masala chai train, this is the moment to do it! The most popular advantages of loose leaf tea are listed below, but let’s dive into more details.

Higher quality

The majority of supermarket-purchased bagged teas are mass-produced and created from dust and due to population pressure, which are the minute pieces of leftover loose leaf tea.

Enhanced freshness

Loose tea leaves are fresh and do not lose their newness and aroma. While the tea leaves packaged in strict packaging can deprive you of the abundant advantages that tea brings to the table!

Better taste

Loose tea leaves have the most authentic and premium taste as they are made from fresh young leaves. Loose teas allow better extraction of vitamins and minerals, which in turn makes them a healthier brew. Brew loose-leaf tea for a more sophisticated tea experience or if you simply want something that tastes better, is fresher, and is healthier.

Diverse flavors

While black tea and green tea are the most preferred, there are many different kinds of tea, including White tea, Assam tea and other fermented varieties. Every leaf type and flavour is unique in terms of its cultivars, climate, geography, and method of production.

Easy to compost

Not only are tea leaves easy to compost in a bin, but they can also be dug into the soil to promote the growth of your plants. The high nitrogen content, phosphorus, minerals, and potassium are needed by plants for fertilization.

It improves overall health

Loose teas have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that improve your general health. Daily consumption of aromatic brews of fresh and herbal tea leaves prevents cardiovascular disease, manages weight and metabolism, and promotes mental clarity.

Types of loose leaf tea to brew

Caffeine-free tea

There are times when you are whining about how all you really want is a cup of tea, but that would not keep you up all night. For this reason, Octavius has produced three radically different, caffeine-free herbal blends that will brighten your evening. Caffeine-free teas are designed to help relax your mind and rejuvenate your nervous system. It also promotes sleep and keeps the stomach free from digestive issues.

Green tea blends

Several potential health benefits of green tea exist. For instance, it benefits type 2 diabetes, skin irritation, and weight management. Additionally, some studies have connected drinking green tea with better cardiovascular health. One of the greatest antioxidant contents of all teas is found in green tea. It has fewer calories and less caffeine than black tea and coffee.

Floral infusions

Green tea infusions with exquisite floral flavors that are antioxidant-rich, wholesome, and low in caffeine. The flavors include Hibiscus tea, Jasmine tea, Rose tea, and Chamomile tea. Give your body and mind a calming effect at the end of a hectic day.

Detox/ wellness tea

Mint, chamomile, moringa, tulsi, ginger, and organic turmeric are just a few of the highly organic ingredients that make up Wellness Tea. A great cup of hot and freshly brewed herbal tea is brewed by combining these ingredients. Each part has a unique quality that helps healthy people in a big way and also helps cure chronic diseases.

Black tea

Black tea is used by people to increase mental stability and release stress. This includes treating headaches, controlling both low and high blood pressure, depression, dementia, and stroke, among many other illnesses.

Overall, there are many advantages to loose leaf tea that you should take into account when selecting your favorite type of tea. You can always browse through our selection of healthy tea bags at Octavius. Select a few different varieties so you can determine which one best matches your palate.

Get your favorite variety of tea bags and instant premix tea sets online at Octavius. We source our tea from our gardens in West Bengal and from the finest tea growers in Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiris. With over 100+ unique tea blends, we promise we will never disappoint you!

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